Electric Superbike to Challenge Gasoline-Powered Motorcycles

A former Boeing engineer who turned pro superbike rider has developed an electric motorcycle and plans to compete head to head on January 9 against conventional twin-cylinder, gasoline-powered race bikes at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

“We expect to work hard to show the world that electric technology can achieve laptime parity with gasoline superbikes,” Chip Yates, the bike’s rider and owner of SWIGZ.com Pro Racing of Aliso Viejo, CA, says in a statement today. “We’re not going on track to make up the numbers; we’re going out to compete in order to raise our game and catch up to these gasoline guys.”

Anticipating the WERA Pirelli Sportsman Series superbike race on January 9th, Yates plans to demonstrate his electric superbike on December 15 at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA, as part of a private road test and media day. Yates asserts the electric motorcycle will prove to be the world’s most powerful and technically advanced electric superbike.

Chip Yates on electric superbike

Chip Yates on electric superbike

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3 responses to “Electric Superbike to Challenge Gasoline-Powered Motorcycles”

  1. The last time Chip Yates showed up at Infineon was to practice for the TTXGP race. He packed up and went home before the day was half over. Let’s hope he really has something to show at the announced December 15 date. So far all we have gotten from him has been slick PR and bloated pronouncements about how great his gear is – all while never entering (or, more importantly) finishing an actual race. I won’t be there at his event – I don’t like to waste my time!