Awarepoint Raises $9M, Names New CEO to Crack Hospital Market for Real-Time Tracking

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the company’s go-to-market and “solution delivery” strategies, and his experience in growing bookings, revenue, and earnings appears to be just what the doctor ordered for Awarepoint. The company’s previous CEO, Jason Howe, stepped down about seven months ago as part of a corporate restructuring of the business.

With Awarepoint’s real-time location system installed at hospitals operated by UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, and Kaiser Permanente, Deady says the company has been gaining broader awareness among the decision-makers at major healthcare providers. Still, he says that Awarepoint and its competitors have installed their technologies in only 8 or 9 percent of the overall market. He describes the remaining 91 percent as a growth opportunity for asset tracking, management, and real-time awareness.

As a result, “I think you will see in the near term a modest uptick in field sales and our sales support team,” Deady said. Awarepoint currently has about 80 employees, and Deady said he expects to also add more in software development, services staff, and client support as “we plan for continued growth and expansion.”

In a statement released by the company, Deady says, “I look forward to continuing to develop the company together with all employees at Awarepoint, and to further positioning Awarepoint solutions to help our clients achieve significant outcome improvements in quality, operational efficiency and process improvement.”

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