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It might not be completely definitive, but it’s pretty close. Let’s just say we’ve got the most-definitive list of health IT companies based in the San Diego area, compiled form a variety of trade groups and other sources. Not all of the businesses on this list are well known, which is one reason why I decided to compile the list.

In collecting the names of health IT companies, I decided against including most of the medical device companies, engineering consulting firms, and others that have not focused their core business more or less entirely on health IT. I also decided against including SAIC, the government contractor. SAIC has been a longtime health IT information systems integrator and EMR system developer, and there’s tremendous expertise there. But SAIC’s headquarters is no longer based in San Diego.

So here’s my list of health IT companies that are based in the San Diego area. Such lists may never be complete, but if you know of a company that you think should be on the list, drop me a line with the pertinent details. Or if you want to say hello, you can stop by the Xconomy Forum on Health IT tomorrow evening. (More information is available online here, and there’s still time to register.)

A-Life Medical (San Diego)

Anvita Health (San Diego)

Asteres (San Diego)

AutomatedTeleMedicine (San Diego)

Aventyn (Carlsbad, CA)

Benchmark Revenue Management (San Diego)

Brainlike (San Diego)

CareFusion (San Diego)

CliniComp (San Diego)

Concerro (San Diego)

CortiCare (San Diego area)

EA Health (Solana Beach, CA)                     

Entra Health Systems (San Diego)

—-Future Wireless Technologies (San Diego)

Independa (San Diego)

iMetrikus (Carlsbad, CA, and Mountain View, CA)

GreatCall/Jitterbug (Del Mar, CA)

LeonardoMD (San Diego)

Lifecomm (Atlanta and San Diego)

Lifetime Health Diary (Del Mar, CA)

MediKeeper (San Diego)

MedImpact (San Diego)

MedSphere Systems (Carlsbad, CA)

OnRamp Wireless (San Diego)

Parity Computing (San Diego)

PatientSafe Solutions (San Diego)

Perminova (San Diego)

PhiloMetron (San Diego)

Qualcomm (San Diego)

Santech (San Diego)

SenseLabs Technology (San Diego)

Service Wing Healthcare (Del Mar, CA)

(No website)

Sonic Boom Wellness (Carlsbad, CA)

Sotera Wireless (San Diego)

Virtual Reality Medical Center (San Diego)

VisionTree Software (San Diego)

Vocel (San Diego)

Xifin (San Diego)

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