Qualcomm Ends Direct Flo TV Service, Chumby Gets New CEO and $3M in Venture Funding, Equifax Acquires Anakam, & More San Diego BizTech News

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founding CEO Steve Tomlin last month. The San Diego startup has been licensing its technology, which provides a Web platform for online information and entertainment. Chumby also recently raised another $3 million in venture financing, bringing its venture capital total to $26 million.

Mellmo, the Del Mar, CA, startup that provides mobile graphics for interpreting business intelligence data, launched Roambi Blink, which can access business data directly from a data warehouse rather than connecting to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or SAP BusinessObjects document.

Kyriba, which is based in Paris and San Diego, said it has raised $10.6 million for its Web-based software, which enables companies to better control their daily cash management tasks.

—Atlanta-based Equifax acquired San Diego-based Anakam, which specializes in identity security and management software. Financial terms were not disclosed.

—Qualcomm’s Don Jones, who oversees the San Diego company’s wireless health initiatives, helped to kick off the Wireless Health 2010 conference last week by noting that wireless networks have become the world’s most pervasive utility—more pervasive than water or electric networks. The four-day meeting in La Jolla featured talks by Chris Toumazou, director of the Imperial College Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Segway inventor Dean Kamen, and Dr. Eric Topol, who directs the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla.

—San Diego’s West Wireless Health Institute announced that the winner of its $10,000 “mobile health app” developer challenge is Alan Viars, of Baltimore, MD-based Videntity, which has developed an open source platform that enables people to share real-time health data securely over their social networks.

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