A Cure for the Common Conference: HealthCamp Brings Consumer-Driven Health Care to Life


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revolutionize how we practice medicine. I learned something valuable at each session I attended and, because of the open format, made dozens of new connections as well. In San Diego, the HealthCamp unconference was made possible by my employer, Kaiser Permanente, as well as Health 2.0, San Diego Pacific Oncology and Hematology Associates, Presidiohealth, TBD Consulting, the West Wireless Health Institute and Kony Solutions.

At Kaiser Permanente, it is part of our mission to provide high quality health care at an affordable cost and encourage healthy behaviors among all the communities we serve. We have a commitment to improving the health of all people, and sharing information and expertise is a big part of that. Events like HealthCamp help us make the connections necessary to accomplish those goals. As a physician, I was inspired by the ideas that developed from HealthCamp and am excited about the next one I get to be a part of.

In the Bay Area HealthCamp, we are partnering with Cisco and Sprint. More information is available at HealthCampSFBay.com. Chaos has never felt so productive.

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John Mattison, MD, is the assistant medical director and chief medical information officer for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California Follow @

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