eBridge Interactive Obtains $2,500,000 New Round

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    eBridge Interactive
  • Mailing Address
    647 Corwin Ave. Glendale, CA 91206
  • Company Description
    The company provides a wide range of interactive marketing services to small and medium businesses.
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  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Round
  • Proceeds Purposes
    Proceeds purposes were not disclosed.
  • M&A Terms
  • Venture Investor
    Comerica Bank

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8 responses to “eBridge Interactive Obtains $2,500,000 New Round”

  1. Justin Case says:

    Obviously Comerica Bank does not know what eBridge Interactive does. http://www.trustlink.org/Reviews/eBridge-Interactive-LLC-206060665 or just type scammers ebridge interactive into your favorite search engine. They are also working with Verizon to screw you out of your money.

  2. Kandy Bryning says:

    If you get a call from these people hang up quick. They will provide and bill you for services that you never authorized. You won’t even know until 30 days later, then they will tell you they are not able to refund you any money because services have been provided. RUN don’t walk away from these people.

  3. Tejas patel says:

    It’s nice company. I want to do work with them.

  4. P Sherman says:

    Just like Justin said — Comerica should revoke the loan. These guys won’t be in business for much longer. In addition to the post above:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! STAY AWAY!!! This company is a complete scam. they called and spoke with one of my employees and convinced her to authorize a “FREE” trial, which she approved, not realizing that we would then be charged $99/month thereafter! I had no idea that 4 months later I would come to find that we were being charged that via our Verizon Bill! I read some of the posts below and see that we are not the first company that they have done this to. I love the eloquent response from their representative – but it is FULL OF CRAP! They simply mislead people and then charge them!!! The best part is that when i called and spoke with one of their reps, i was told that they will have someone from their audio department call me back in 3-5 days. That’s nice – so i can hear how one of my employees was duped into agreeing to receive this “FREE” service! What a horrible way to run a company. Like I said – STAY AWAY!!! BTW – If you are in the same boat as I am with regards to Verizon billing, you can just call them and they will take the charges for the last 3 months off for you and will prevent these scam artists from charging your account again! Good Luck…

  5. Gordan Smith says:

    Hi the company ebridgeinteractive is a scam!! the investment gave them of 500.00 went to nothing i talked to a Natasha that works there and i she did was promise promise NOTHING!!! That company is just a big SCAMMMMM!!!!!! THey say they have free service and its all lies!!! they are based in Encino PLEASE BE WARE SCAM SCAM NOT CUSTOMER SKILL AND THE PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE ARE ALL SCAMERRRRRR

  6. Beth B says:

    eBridge Advertising is what gives legitimate marketing companies a bad name. This is a sweat shop in God knows where making outgoing calls, and during the pitch I decided to let them talk since I was driving — wanted to hear what the pitch was. I was repeatedly told that there would be no charge, “free thirty day”! If you say the word ‘yes’ on the phone call to confirm that I am the President of the company or to confirm I have contol of my website, they apparently use that as an authorization to charge your phone bill. I said no less than three times on the phone , “yes, but in answering I am NOT giving you permission to charge anything on my phone bill.” The telemarketer said “that’s what I said, no nothing will be charged to your phone.” Well, guess what. They created an account for me anyway, and in the fine print at the VERY bottom of the email, it says, and I have pasted it in here:
    ” Your first month of service is completely on us! After that, enjoy great search engine placement across over 125 sites online, with dedicated account support, conveniently billed by EB Interactive through the Payment One section of your business telephone statement, for just 49.95 a month, unless you call to cancel.”
    I called them to cancel it immediately, but was told they could not do that and I would have to wait some days and to call back again! Unbelieveable. Don’t bother to spend one minute on the phone with this outfit. They are not ethical, and my suspicion is that they are really not even in business to provide any real website value; rather, they are in it to make money off of duping and lying to people. By the way, I called their office and asked for the President’s name. . . was told it is “Stella Henriquez” in Encino, CA.

  7. Melanie says:

    I was scammed by this company too!! I don’t even remember having a phone conversation with them agreeing to anything. We get telemarketers call us all the time but never say yes to them. We must have said the word yes sometime during the call but it certainly wasn’t for their services! We have been billed over $500 by them and can’t get it back! We are in the process of trying to stop the billing on our AT&T bill. This should be illegal and these people should be prison for a long time. They are STEALING!!!!

  8. Aey says:

    @melanie…that Ebitch just billed us through Verizon $99.95…we called Verizon 2 times until got the credit back! Try it agrresively! U and everyone should done that…call directly to your phone company…and plz call and piss at 1888-993-2743 to Ebitch, express your extremely anger at them, they feel to get use to it though, but yell at them anyway…good luck…anyone who wanna sue Ebitch..we’re totally in!! SCAM…don’t talk to Ebitch advertising or phone call who saying “want to update your google information” SCAM…