Software Veteran John Mutch Moves IT Security Specialist BeyondTrust to San Diego, on Path to Build “Freemium” Business Model

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make such shenanigans far more difficult, if not impossible, to pull off. “This is a solution that directly addresses from an IT perspective issues around the ability of people to perpetrate a fraud,” Mutch says. “CitiBank is our biggest customer. Our technology runs on every server they have. You can basically go to a server and ask ‘Who accessed it? What privileges were they granted? And what did they do when they accessed the server?’ Or at least that’s the goal.”

BeyondTrust currently has about 85 employees, and generates about $50 million a year in sales, according to Mutch, who describes the business as “extremely profitable.” Last month, the company announced it was hiring Ken Saunders, who had worked with Mutch as CFO at both Peregrine Systems and HNC Software, as Beyond Trust’s CFO. Mutch, who plans to retain some operations in Portsmouth and Agoura Hills, told me he’s also looking to recruit a new chief technology officer. The company, which has only a handful of employees in San Diego now, should have about 30 employees here in the next couple of months, and about 45 by this time next year.

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4 responses to “Software Veteran John Mutch Moves IT Security Specialist BeyondTrust to San Diego, on Path to Build “Freemium” Business Model”

  1. Jay Sheehan says:

    Freemium. What a deal. Customers try the product. Have a chance to see it’s minimal potential then realize they’ll need to upgrade to truly meet their needs. No sales force. I get it, no commissions on sales. John has a way of making this make good sense. I can’t help but think of the ‘drug dealer’ analogy. “First one’s free.” I’m glad I read this just to keep up with matters of business. Now I’ll be slightly more careful of what I download as I get swallowed up by the “try this” concept. Honestly, I’m impressed to hear that a CEO like John Mutch is honest and up front about all of this. He’s quite a “straight shooter”. I like that.