Qualcomm Gets its Technology in EV Chargers, Aptera Makes Finals in $10M Automotive X Prize, & More San Diego BizTech News

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Peter Cowhey of UC San Diego’s International Relations and Pacific Studies and opening a Connect office in San Francisco to help San Diego startups meet with Bay Area VCs.

—I profiled Crescent House Publishing, an 18-year-old publisher in Carlsbad, CA, that has developed Scentsa, a technology software and services platform designed to help retailers market fragrances and perfumes. The company recently raised less than $5 million in financing from San Diego’s Huntington Capital.

Sapphire Energy, the San Diego algae biofuels startup backed by Bill Gates, is in the early stages of using genetic engineering to develop algae that are optimized to produce natural oils that can be used to produce gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

—Two San Diego tech companies got funding in June, based on a roundup of small funding deals provided by CB Insights, a New York firm that provides financial information about private companies.. San Diego’s Envision Solar, which develops energy-producing shaded parking structures known as “solar groves,” raised almost $207,000 of a planned $2.65 million round. And Poway, CA-based Ambient Control Systems, developing solar-powered sensor technology, raised $205,000.

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