Qualcomm’s Flo TV to Debut Datacasting; Nissan Leaf EV Rollout Begins in San Diego, TipCity Launches “Flash Deal” Technology, & More San Diego BizTech News

Not all our biztech news last week was about debuts; We also have a denouement or two, and maybe even some news that’s somewhere between. So here’s our summary, from beginning to end:

—San Diego-based Qualcomm’s Flo TV plans to “datacast” background information related to some sporting events later this month. Flo TV President Bill Stone told me the datacast could include player stats and video interviews. The Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) subsidiary also is considering datacasting books, magazines, and newspapers to mobile devices.

—Nissan, the Japanese carmaker, is making San Diego “ground zero” for its launch of the zero-emissions Nissan Leaf—a 100-percent electric vehicle. Nissan plans to begin Leaf deliveries in San Diego this December, and thousands could be driving around the San Diego area by this time next year.

—San Diego’s latest startup, TipCity, made its debut last week. TipCity is both a hyper-local web-based search engine for restaurant-goers and a location-based marketing tool that enables restaurants to offer “flash deals” to customers by text or e-mail. Former Widcomm CEO Liep Pham is TipCity’s founding CEO.

—Former PayPal marketing director Dave McClure is an expert in microfinance, consumer Internet strategies, and entrepreneurship, among other things. He’s also a self-professed Silicon Valley geek, angel investor, fund manager, and startup advisor who urges aspiring entrepreneurs to make products that really matter. In a presentation in Seattle last week, McClure said entrepreneurs need to tap into the “reptilian psyche” of consumers by appealing directly to their primal need for things like sex, money, and power.

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