Mushroom Networks Uses “Bonding” Technology to Pump More Data Through Bottlenecks

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the Teleporter (and shucked its taxonomic branding concept), a device that uses the same type of bonded cellular connections used in the PortaBella to provide live video streaming. The technology enables a single broadcast journalist to send high-quality digital video over local cellular networks instead of requiring a broadcast crew with more expensive equipment—and brings down costs by “orders of magnitude,” Akin says.

“Teleporter is an ENG [electronic news gathering] video truck shrunk in a tiny equipment [box] that attaches to the end of the camera,” Akin says. “The videographer / journalist can attach the Teleporter unit at the end of their camera and stream live, high-broadcast quality video from anywhere there is cellular coverage.”

Akin says Mushroom Networks’ products have been installed for a variety of customers, including government agencies, educational institutions, airports, hotels, multi-national enterprises, banks, and construction companies. He also sees possible uses for Mushroom’s Teleporter technology in portable video conferencing and even in emergency and disaster response efforts. “We’re getting ready to take the company to the next level,” Akin says. “Primarily for us, it’s going to be about growth and aggressively expanding, and pursuing international markets as well.”

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