West Wireless Health Institute Gets Another $25M, Announces New Partnerships

Xconomy San Diego — 

If nothing else, the West Wireless Health Institute knows how to make a splash.

The San Diego-based nonprofit research institute, which made its debut in March 2009 by announcing a $45 million grant, is hosting an open house this evening that represents the first chance most people have had to tour the recently remodeled, three-story, 36,000 square-foot facility.

West Wireless Health

West Wireless Health

The West Institute is in an ideal location atop Torrey Pines Mesa (within the vaunted 92037 zip code), basically between The Salk Institute and The Scripps Research Institute—and just opposite the northwest corner of the UC San Diego campus. Shortly after guests begin to arrive, the West Wireless Health Institute is issuing a series of public announcements that underscore just how well positioned it really is. The new developments include:

—The Gary and Mary West Foundation, the family foundation established by telemarketing entrepreneurs Gary and Mary West, have donated an additional $25 million to the institute. The funding, which follows a $20 million grant announced … Next Page »

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