Halozyme Announces Recall, Pathway Genomics Halts Genetic Test Kit Rollout, Vertex Gets Ready for Hepatitis C Results, & More San Diego Life Sciences News

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Luke the first results are expected to be released sometime near the end of June.

—San Diego-based Celula, a molecular diagnostic startup that is developing a prenatal diagnostic test based on isolation of fetal cells from the mother’s blood, has raised $15 million in a secondary round of venture funding led by Skyline Ventures of Palo Alto, CA.

Stemgent, a startup based in Cambridge, MA, and San Diego that provides stem cell research materials, has raised $5.6 million of a planned $10.1 million round of equity funding.

Afraxis, a San Diego biotech startup developing a promising compound for treating fragile X syndrome, the most common cause of inherited mental retardation, has raised $1.2 million of a planned $6 million venture round.

—Avalon Ventures founder Kevin Kinsella, whose biotech investment portfolio includes deals involving Aurora Biosciences, Illumina, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Avelas, AnaptysBio, Amira, InCode, and Sirion, says any robust startup ecosystem needs local venture capital. In recent years, San Diego’s startup ecosystem has been losing local venture capital firms.

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