Wireless-Life Sciences Investor Meeting Puts Innovation on Stage—Boston Sleep Company Zeo Claims a Top Prize

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hospital bedside monitors. AirStrip senior vice president Layne Haney says one FDA-cleared application allows a doctor to view the historic and real-time fetal heart tracings and maternal contraction patterns of labor on any handheld mobile device.

—Calgary Scientific of Calgary, Canada, has developed PureWeb, a cloud-based software platform with a unified user interface and a related suite of advanced software that processes diagnostic medical images. Co-founder and CEO Byron Osing says the technology can be used to retrieve medical imaging data from any standard web browser.

—Ocutronics, based in the Los Angeles area, has developed a handheld camera that can be used by primary care physicians to take retinal images through the undilated pupils of a patient’s eyes as part of a routine exam. Co-founder Robert Levine says the camera transmits the images to a Web-based system where they can be viewed by an opthalmologist for signs of diabetes-related blindness and macular degeneration.

—CortiCare, of San Diego, provides remote and continuous electroencephalography monitoring of patients admitted to a hospital intensive care unit for signs of micro-seizures. President Brad Wescott says CortiCare uses its EEG equipment to transmit patient’s signals to a centralized monitoring center.

The best clinical application award was bestowed on Calgary Scientific for technology that integrates imaging data from various health IT systems.

Best Operational Effectiveness Solutions

—CellTrak of Schaumberg, IL, has developed a Web-based visit manager system that enables home health care agencies to track caregiver visits and ensure that they have provided required services to patients at home and hospices. Senior vice president Scott Hermann says CellTrak’s software as a service transforms a caregiver’s cell phone into a point-of-care monitoring and compliance device.

—InnerWireless of Richardson, TX, provides comprehensive wireless technology installed in hospitals, casinos, and other buildings to ensure that … Next Page »

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