Wind Energy, Battered by Boom and Bust Cycles, Back in Doldrums

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downgrades in 2010 are the consequences of inaction to provide a serious market signal,” Bode said.

More recently, the AWEA joined with the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Biomass Power Association, and other renewable energy and energy efficiency trade groups in calling for Congress to establish long-term policies that help sustain long-term markets for renewable energy technologies. The groups stressed an “urgent need” for comprehensive climate and energy legislation and specifically called for the inclusion of several measures:

—Establishing a “strong renewable electricity standard” that requires renewable energy sources to provide a percentage of grid electricity.

—Setting sensible and effective transmission policies.

–Setting targets and funding for strengthened building energy codes and compliance, and enhanced appliance efficiency standards.

—Establishing a building efficiency information disclosure program.

—Extending the convertible tax credit provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and incentives for residential, commercial, and industrial retrofits.

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3 responses to “Wind Energy, Battered by Boom and Bust Cycles, Back in Doldrums”

  1. Becki Mommaerts says:

    Just thought I’d let you know that it’s Gary Kanaby, not Kanady. My heart goes out to the employees who have been laid off. I hope Knight & Carver gets more work soon so it can get some of its great employees back.

  2. Thanks Becki. The hearing is always the first to go.