San Diego Life Sciences 2030 Photo Gallery

4/8/10Follow @xconomy
San Diego Life Sciences 2030
The sun was just starting to set during the first 30 minutes or so of lively networking before the program began at Biogen Idec’s campus in San Diego. From left to right, that’s Oanh Dang, Deborah Jondall, and Nancy Davis.
photo by Bob Buderi

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One response to “San Diego Life Sciences 2030 Photo Gallery”

  1. Killu Sanborn says:

    Great event, Xconomy, way to go! The panels at your events feel like a breath of fresh air. Kudos for stirring up the pot with good speakers, bold questions and timely topics. May it keep getting better and better – feels like we are in for a real treat with your doings around town!