Lindbergh Grandson Launches Incentive Prizes for Advances in Electric Aircraft and Green Aviation

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represents “the culmination of my work, from the aviation world to the education world, to the world of prize philanthropy.” He adds, “It represents the germination of an idea that I really want to take around the world.”

Now if he can just find someone to fund the prize. “What we need now are sponsors to step forward, that want to be involved in aviation and in education,” Lindbergh says.

Lindbergh, who works as a commercial pilot, flight instructor, artist, public speaker, and publicist, says that while he has a Parasail at Torrey Pines Gliderportgreat name, he had to borrow $10,000 from his mom to get the CSA and LEAP programs started. The son of Jon Lindbergh and Barbara Robbins also serves as chairman and director of the Lindbergh Foundation, and serves as a member of the board of trustees for the X Prize Foundation, the Los Angeles-based nonprofit that boosted the development of private spacecraft by organizing the Ansari X Prize. The $10 million prize was claimed by SpaceShipOne, a rocket plane designed by aerospace legend Burt Rutan and his Mojave, CA-based company, Scaled Composites, with extensive financial backing from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Lindbergh provided this outline of the four awards that make up the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize:

Best Electric Aircraft, with emphasis on practicality. The design can be … Next Page »

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