San Diego’s Small Cap Stocks Arrive in Force at Roth Capital’s Largest Investor Conference

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biotechnology sector; the other addresses leading companies and pioneering treatments in the race to develop new anti-viral drug therapies.

—A track nearly as large features 90 companies based in China (but with stock that trades on U.S. markets). This morning’s China panel includes a discussion of case studies and lessons learned, conducting effective due diligence, assessment of company accounting capabilities, legal considerations, and other topics.

—Roth also has organized a cleantech investing panel on the changing landscape in power production and distribution that includes a discussion of electric grid modernization and the influence of federal stimulus funds, demand-side management, and the role natural gas is expected to play in future power generation.

All told, 21 San Diego companies also are scheduled to make presentations:

Alphatec Holdings     (NASDAQ: ATEC)

Genoptix                     (NASDAQ: GXDX)

Overland Storage       (NASDAQ: OVRL)

Qualcomm                   (NASDAQ: QCOM)

Cytori Therapeutics     (NASDAQ: CYTX)

DexCom                        (NASDAQ: DXCM)

NuVasive                       (NASDAQ: NUVA)

Volcano                           (NASDAQ: VOLC)

Cypress Bioscience       (NASDAQ: CYPB)

NexMed                          (NASDAQ: NEXM)

Santarus                          (NASDAQ: SNTS)

DivX                                 (NASDAQ: DIVX)

Maxwell Technologies   (NASDAQ: MXWL)

Anadys Pharmaceutical  (NASDAQ: ANDS)

Ardea Biosciences           (NASDAQ: RDEA)

Inovio Biomedical               (NASDAQ: INO)

Neurocrine Biosciences    (NASDAQ: NBIX)

Vical Inc.                              (NASDAQ: VICL)

Sequenom                           (NASDAQ: SQNM)

Halozyme Therapeutics    (NASDAQ: HALO)

Lifevantage                          (NASDAQ: LFVN)

Senomyx                             (NASDAQ: SNMX)

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