The Hybritech Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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[Updated: 6:45 pm, 2/23/11] Plenty of ink has been devoted over the years to how San Diego’s biotech family tree can be traced back to Hybritech. The company was born in biotech’s halcyon days in the ’70s, and it quickly became the magnet for young scientific and business talent in San Diego. After Eli Lilly bought the place for more than $400 million in 1986, many of the young turks went on to plant seeds at new ventures all around San Diego and other biotech hubs around the world.

That story has been told well over the years, including this piece from 2003, and another in 2008 from the San Diego Union-Tribune. So instead of focusing on the well-known characters who made it happen—Ivor Royston, Howard Birndorf, Ted Greene and others—I wondered what I might find if I used modern social networking tools to dig deeper and assemble an updated directory of where Hybritech alumni are today, encompassing bigshots and rank-and-file. Getting to know the history also seemed like a good idea as I prepare to host the big event Xconomy is organizing on the 20-year outlook for San Diego life sciences on March 31.

The methods here, I must say, are pretty basic. I sought to include anybody who worked at Hybritech at some point. I looked around in the archives of other publications like the Union-Tribune, and The Scientist. I cited biographies from I made heavy use of employment histories people have posted on LinkedIn. And of course, I’m citing some of my own original reporting from Xconomy. It should be noted that I can’t guarantee that all the information is up to date, especially the user-generated content from LinkedIn. The list has 196 names at last count.

Now’s where I hope you can step in to help. If you see anything that’s out of date, or incorrect, please let me know and I’ll fix it. Over time, I hope this story can become a richer and more valuable resource for Hybritech alumni to connect and re-connect.

With that, here’s the list I’ve put together in alphabetical order, with the most updated titles and affiliations I found online. If you have any questions, comments, or new information, please send me a note at or

Barbara Adams (McCampbell), retired, formerly director of human resources [Added: 2:05 pm, 6/4/10]

Tom Adams, chief technology officer, Iris International

Clarence Ahlem, vice president, Harbor Biosciences (formerly Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals) [Added: 10:10 am, 3/12/10]

Roger Alsop, lead scientist, Prozyme

Tony Alvarez, biotechnology/medical device supply chain professional

Kim Aposporos, chemistry supervisor, Alvarado Hospital Clinical Laboratory [Added: 7:40 am, 3/15/10]

Glenn Armstrong, Senior Manager Clinical Affairs, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics [Added: 8:05 pm, 3/14/10]

Kelley Asselmann, vice president, Cast Glass Images [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Ronald Backes, director of business development, Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics

Richard Bartholomew, retired, former former vice president of clinical R&D at Immune Response Corp./Orchestra Therapeutics [Updated: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Thomas Battersby, senior manager, Siemens Healthcare [Added: 10:10 am, 3/12/10]

Gina Battiste, urology marketing DTC, Astellas Pharma

Russ Bell, president, Beckman Coulter Foundation [Added: 4:20 pm, 3/14/10]

Marie Berry, director, strategic sourcing, Amylin Pharmaceuticals [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Charlie Birdwell, reagent manufacturing manager, Accumetrics

Howard Birndorf, board member, Adamis Pharmaceuticals

Avril Bland, contractor, Pharmaceutical Services Corp.

Kim Blickenstaff, president and CEO, Tandem Diabetes Care

Debra Bowes, founder and president, Chevy Chase BioPartners

Thomas Braden, global vice president, operations, eBioscience [Added, 5:52 pm, 3/14/10]

Shelly Brandell, marketing communications manager, Hewlett-Packard [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Teresa Brandt, regulatory affairs, Isis Pharmaceuticals

Julia Brown, principal, ForestView Advisors

Robert Buchs, managing partner, Buchs & Associates

Ken Buechler, board member, Sotera Wireless [Added: 1:15 pm, 3/12/10]

Carl Burke, senior manager of talent acquisition, Abbott Vascular Devices

Karen Gray Burnett, research associate professor, biology, College of Charleston [Added 2 pm, 3/14/10]

France Calvin, quality systems and quality training manager, Abbott Laboratories

Donna Cancel, human resources consultant, principal, DJC Consulting [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Joseph Carangelo, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, UCSD Connect Springboard Program

Dennis Carlo, president and CEO, Adamis Pharmaceuticals

Robin Cary, senior manager of materials, Illumina [Added: 4:25 pm, 3/14/10]

Michael Chiapetta, technology executive in predictive analytics [Added: 3:40 pm, 7/7/10]

Angela Chit, senior associate, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Therese Conlin, senior scientist, Amylin Pharmaceuticals [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Cathleen Courson, planner, Biosite [Added: 8:12 am, 3/15/10]

Bill Crean, owner, Crean & Everett Executive Search

Dale Damron, finance director, Spokane County United Way [Added: 6:45 pm, 2/23/11]

Claude Darte, manager, clinical research, Beckman Coulter [Added: 4:25 am, 3/16/10]

Gary David, biotechnology professional

Mark Densel, senior director of project management, Ardea Biosciences

Ken Derry, manager of inbound transportation, PETCO Animal Supplies

Maria DeSantis, associate director and business partner, human resources, Prometheus Laboratories

Mike Donatelli, president, cGXP Consultants

Marc Dubucq, Senior Manager Scientific Affairs Europe, Gen-Probe [Added: 3:18 pm, 3/14/10]

Ronald Dudek, director of market development, Silicon Kinetics

John Duddy, vice president at Applied Biosystems unit, Life Technologies

Patti Duffy, customer service/sales operations professional

Kathy Eure, senior director of global planning, performance and outsourcing, Baxter Healthcare

Mark Falkowski, management consultant, president and CEO Direct Medical Systems

Barbara Ferris, quality specialist, SenDx Medical

Mark Fineman, executive director of clinical pharmacology, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Judith Finlay, technical director, The Binding Site [Added: 8:05 pm, 3/14/10]

Debra Fountaine, manufacturing quality scientist, Beckman Coulter [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

John Frazer, scientist, Arena Pharmaceuticals [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Chet French, manager of site training, MedImmune

Judy French, manager of research operations/study management/contracts management

James Frincke, CEO, Harbor Biosciences (formerly Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals) [Added 10:10 am, 3/12/10]

Wendy Gaal, chief executive brewmistress, Knitters Brewing Company

Denise Garcia, director of records management solutions, WaveFront Clinical Management Services

Cam Garner, chairman of the board, Cadence Pharmaceuticals

Carlton Gasior, HTS specialist, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Pramod Gaur, vice president TeleHealth, UnitedHealth Group

Janet Gladwin, owner, “Double You” Pet-Sitters [Added: 7:45 pm, 3/22/10]

Dee Gordon, retired, previously director of marketing, Biosite Diagnostics [Added: 3:15 pm, 3/23/10]

Sherrie Green, promotional communication specialist, Prometheus Laboratories [Added: 8:22 am, 3/15/10]

Howard “Ted” Greene, board member, Satiogen Pharmaceuticals, Tandem Diabetes Care, and CoDa Therapeutics [Updated: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Donald Grimm, director, Hamilton BioVentures

David Hale, chairman and CEO, Hale Biopharma Ventures, chairman of Santarus, Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, and Micromet

Keith Hall, senior director, quality control & assay development, Vical [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Craig Halverson, principal, Halverson Biopharmaceutical Consulting

Harold Handley, principal, HHHandley Biotechnology Consulting

Tom Hastings, facilities manager, Sapphire Energy

Rachel Hernandez, Team Leader, Project Manager, Coach, Mentor

Susan Hochschwender, pharmaceutical consultant

Dee Hoffman, executive director, National Credit Restoration Alliance

Teresa Howard, senior human resources consulting, TC Howard Consulting

Bruce Huebner, managing partner, LynxCom Partners

David Huelin, manufacturing engineer,General Atomics [Added: 7:40 am,  3/15/10]

Sandy (Lindemuth) Hughes, national accounts director, Inverness Medical Innovations [Added: 3:55 pm, 3/14/10]

Bob Hussa, biotechnology consultant

Mike Jennings, facilities manager, Jones Lang LaSalle [Added: 9:40 am, 3/15/10]

Robin Jimenez, biotechnology professional

Camille Johnson, marketing manager, Inverness Medical Innovations [Added: 7:45 pm, 3/22/10]

Mike Johnson, director, product development, Mercia Pharma [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Sherry (Ahmadi) Johnson, research assistant II, The Scripps Research Institute [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

David Kabakoff, executive-in-residence, Sofinnova Ventures

AnneMarie Kaiser, partner, Knobbe Martens

Patrick Keivens, associate director of quality assurance and compliance, Isis Pharmaceuticals

Mike Kendall, retired [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Karen Klause, business advisor and board director, Ridge Diagnostics [Added: 2 pm, 3/14/10]

Joelle Kord, senior drug discovery specialist, Life Technologies

Michael Kulwiec, principal, Michael Kulwiec Design Lab

Abhay Kumar, senior manager of corporate development, Life Technologies

Ed Kusnierz, manager of QA/QC, Orexigen Therapeutics

Tina Kuus, managing scientific director, The Binding Site [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Claude Lalou, molecular imaging modality manager, GE Healthcare

Paul Lambotte, business development executive

Rene Lampe, senior manager of formulations, Synbiotics [Added: 8:12 am, 3/15/10]

Randal Lane, senior director, pharmaceutical development, and San Diego assistant managing director, Cato Research [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Robert Lannom, validation manager, Beckman Coulter [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Judy Lash, materials management, retired [Added: 10 pm, 3/15/10]

Steve Laub, quality control scientist, Beckman-Coulter [Added: 7:40 am, 3/15/10]

Paul Leitch, shipping/facilities manager, The Binding Site [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Jyh-Feei Lin, biotechnology professional [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Steven Lowe, regional area manager, Allergan

Rick Ludwig, author and scientist

Andrea Lynn, marketing director, PacificGMP [Added: 6:02 am, 3/15/10]

Michael Macau, area director, west, Roche Diagnostics [Added:  4:15 pm, 3/14/10]

Jose Mallabo, director of international corporate communications, LinkedIn

Chris Manzuk, project engineer, Inverness Medical Innovations [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Gayle Mayfield-Venieris, owner/attorney, Mayfield & Associates [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Richard McEachern, director of engineering, Azure Institute [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Stephanie McEvoy, retired [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Susan Meineke, senior director of human resources, Metabasis Therapeutics

Bruce Merchant, owner, Merchant-Taylor International [Added: 3:50 pm, 3/14/10]

Damon Meyer, principal scientist, process chemistry, Seattle Genetics [Added: 3 pm, 3/14/10]

Susan Miller, biochemist, Dow Chemical

Carl Mongiovi, vice president, Phamatech [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Deborah Mongiovi, associate director, clinical development, Halozyme Therapeutics [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Margaret Moore, principal investigator, Imdaptive

Kevin Nakamura, director of research, Astute Medical

Gina Nelson, pharmaceutical market research consultant [Added: 3:10 pm, 3/14/10]

Donna Nichols, investor relations professional

Randy Nielsen, manager of QC and stability, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Tina Nova, co-founder, president and CEO, Genoptix Medical

Susan Nowakowski, president and CEO, AMN Healthcare Services

Janice Ohta, board member, Caltech Associates

Karl Olsen, chief financial officer and head of operations, GNF

Paul O’Shaughnessy, senior marketing manager, off-portal content, AT&T Mobility

Cole Owen, president, Owen & Associates [Added: 1:15 pm 3/12/10]

Bob Parson, vice president of global clinical and regulatory affairs, Inverness Medical Innovations

Jim Patterson, Owner/Partner, System1Search [Added: 8:05 pm, 3/14/10]

Philip Paul, Chairman, Paul Capital Partners [Added: 8:30 pm, 3/14/10]

Melinda (Hackett) Paulis, marketing consultant [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Greg Payne, director, BD

Liz Perkins, associate director of marketing communications, Prometheus Laboratories

Caryn Peterson, partner, DSC Associates

Leigh Pierce, president and CSO, PacificGMP

Ken Poggenburg, independent pharmaceuticals professional

Norbert Purro, director of pharmaceutical sciences, Pharmacyclics [Added: 3:40 pm, 7/7/10]

Noorul Rahman, consultant at TRL Enterprises

Pamela Resch, director, regulatory affairs, Vical [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Lyle Rice, vice president of development, LEAP Biosciences [Added: 10 am, 3/23/10]

Don Rindell, executive director, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Mark Robertson, owner, Mark Robertson Puppets

Steve Roman, senior scientist, Life Technologies

Paulette Roper, senior manager of eSolutions, Allergan

Paul Rosinack, president & CEO, Qualigen [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Ivor Royston, managing member, Forward Ventures

Kale Ruby, vice president of CMC and Quality Assurance, MediciNova

Jane Ryskamp, vice president, global supply chain, Amylin Pharmaceuticals [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

H.F. “Butch” Sanders, senior operations/product management executive

Mark Sarno, president, Vision Biotechnology Consulting [Added: 8:05 pm, 3/14/10]

Charles Schaus, project manager, Eurogentec

Lou Schioppi, senior business development manager, Patheon Pharmaceuticals

Scott Schubert, senior technical operations scientist, Beckman Coulter [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Blair Shamel, president, The Shamel Group

Mark Shannon, president, Quadrants Scientific

Hal Siegel, vice president and chief scientific officer, ImmuneRegen Biosciences [Added: 4:08 pm, 3/14/10]

Linda Simmons, senior business analyst, global supply chain, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Paul Skoczelas, senior manager, trade relations, Prometheus Laboratories [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Diane Smith, owner, All Track [Added: 2:50 pm, 3/15/10]

William Soo Hoo, vice president, Jaden Bioscience

Grace Soriano, biotechnology professional

Paula Southwick, group manager of clinical research, Beckman Coulter

Sharron Starkey, director of QA/RA, Accumetrics

Barb Stevens, owner, Stevens and Associates [Added: 2:30 pm, 3/14/10]

Richard Stewart, owner, Stewart ComGraph [Added: 8:05 pm, 3/14/10]

Susan Strobel, principal writer, SciComm

Dean Tallam, president, Syndeo [Added: 3:40 pm, 7/7/10]

Daria Tansey, biotechnology professional, retired [Added: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Ron Taylor, board member, ResMed, Watson Pharmaceuticals, 3E, EMN8, Safelife [Added: 5:30 pm, 3/14/10]

Bruce Tedeschi, CEO, Digibroker [Added: 8:05 pm, 3/14/10]

Lynn Terhorst, consultant

Michael Ternavan, biotechnology professional

Judy Thompson, buyer II, Inova Diagnostics

Keith Timm, owner, Timm & Associates

Betty Tran, pharmaceutical consultant

Barbara Unger, director, corporate quality compliance, Amgen [Added, 2:30 pm, 3/14/10]

Michael Unger, director, project management & strategic operations, Amgen [Added: 2:45 pm, 3/15/10]

Janice (Hillesheim) Valdivia, office administrator, Forward Ventures [Added: 7 pm, 3/18/10]

Gunars Valkirs, former SVP of discovery and co-founder, Biosite. [Added: 1:15 pm 3/12/10]

Brent Vaughan, chief business officer, KineMed

Patrick Walsh, biotechnology professional

Rosemary Wareham, nurse practitioner, Minute Clinic CVS pharmacy Solana Beach [Added: 4:20 am, 3/16/10]

Jeff Watkins, CEO, aTyr Pharma

Toni Wayne, vice president of human resources, Prometheus Laboratories

Robin Weaver, consultant, Regulatory Writing Services [Added: 10 pm, 3/15/10]

Ty Webb, board member, SLA [Added: 9:30 pm, 3/23/10]

Cheryl White, corporate vice president, quality, Baxter International [Added: 8:35 pm, 3/14/10]

Karl Wiersholm, interim CFO

Mark S. Wilson, senior advisor, Rondaxe Pharma [Updated: 9:25 am, 3/15/10]

Bob Wolfert, chief scientific officer, diaDexus [Added: 6:10 am, 3/24/10]

Timothy Wollaeger, managing director, Sanderling Ventures

Kenneth Woolcott, president and founder, Six Degrees Capital

Marie Jeanne Yerna, scientific marketing manager, Beckman Coulter [Added: 4:20 am, 3/16/10]

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17 responses to “The Hybritech Alumni: Where Are They Now?”

  1. I’ve been blown away today by the response to this article. My inbox has been overflowing with Hybritech alumni who want to join the list. This story had 110 names when I first published it on Friday, and as of the last update, it’s up to 168 at last count.

    Thanks to David Kabakoff of Sofinnova Ventures for help in finding people, and to all of you who have written to me directly to help strengthen this project. I hope you find it useful.

  2. Dave says:

    Bruce Birch-President, Biosources, Inc.
    Bruce was the facilities manager at Hybritech

  3. Thanks to everybody who’s written in with new names. You’re wearing me out trying to track down all these people, confirming their connection to Hybritech, and their new titles. If people would just like to add comments here with the alumnus’ name, title, and employer, that would be a load off this reporter’s back.

    Again, thanks very much for all the kind words. The positive response has convinced me to do more stories like this.

  4. Beth North says:

    This is a side question really — in your studies, did you come across a little company in the Boston area called Hygia (or some other spelling variant)?

    They were developing some products when Hybritech sued Abbott over patent infringement.

    I think they were acquired shortly after Ames Division, Miles Labs. Inc. (already owned by Bayer AG) decided to end a potential partnership in marketing some of their products.

    This would have been in the 80’s.

    Thanks for any help.


  5. Beth–I’m not familiar with Hygia or the patent issue you’re referring to—Luke

  6. Jeanne Lenzer says:

    I’m a journalist working on a story about the development of the PSA test. I’d like to talk with Hybritech alums who were about BEFORE the test was approved by the FDA, who know something about the decision-making process, obstacles, etc., regarding approval.

    Contact me please at or 845.383.1527 thanks.
    Jeanne Lenzer

  7. Stacey Riordan says:

    I worked in research, in the pilot plant. We were isolating antibodies which were targeted with isotopes in the field of cancer, especially liver and breast. We were working with Dr. Stanley Order at John’s Hopkins at that time. I worked as a technician in the class 100 room as well as primary studies leading up to that point.

  8. Stacey Riordan says:

    Worked in Pilot plant with N. Purro and Susan Christianson early 80’s, and some pretty amazing things happened in that lab,,we had some people saved by our “magic bullet”….I am very pleased with my time there…I loved Hybritech and all the people I worked with…very dedicated. Miss you guys, hope all is well.

  9. victor sabater says:

    Hi, I was apart of Hybritech from 1996 to 1993 and I would like to join the alumi. What I need is to get in contact with the current HR group (but it looks like the company is no longer in business). If anyone has contact info, please contact me at Thanks guys!

  10. Scott Kelsey says:


    I am a alumni!

  11. Chuck Rose says:

    Go ahead and add me to that motley crew…Sales & Marketing Work-Study Student…somewhere around 1990-1991 if memory serves…went on to work at the VA Hospital Medical Research, Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp, DepoTech, BioStruct, Hepatix and Millennium Engineering to name a few!

  12. pmk says:

    Parrish Knapp

    Add me to the crew as well. I am around Southern California somewhere. connect with me in Linkedin:

  13. Phil Paul says:

    You left off Tom Perkin of KPCB, a Board Member and you left off Brook Byers, of KPCB, a Board Member; and you didn’t mention Biovest Partners which I helped Tim Wollaeger and Ted Greene for right after the sale of Hybritech to Eli Lilly………it’s important to the development of the San Diego Healthcare Industry, in that Biosite, Amylin, Cytel, Pyxis and a couple of other very successful Healthcare companies were nurtured by Tim and Ted immediately following Hybritech; in, in my opinion, that’s was really spawned the vibrant Healthcare market around La Jolla/San Diego.
    Phil Paul

  14. Tim says:

    I don’t know if I count or not, haha. I worked as a Temp from a Temp agency harvesting ascites. Went on to Ph.D. and M.D. studies, but now just working in clinical medicine. Loved my time at Hybritech. Great people, and friendly atmosphere. Timothy Tom