The X Lists Debut: San Diego’s Online Reference Library for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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If Xconomy had a storefront in downtown San Diego instead of a Web address, it might be easier for readers to see what we’ve got under construction, because people could peer behind the plywood fencing and the signs reading “Pardon Our Dust.” Instead, curious visitors who clicked on the tab that says “resources” only got the unsatisfying message “Coming soon…”

Until now, that is. Our latest project is finished, and I am proud to introduce a new section on our website that we call the X Lists.

In our quest to be the authoritative voice on technology innovation in San Diego, we’ve created the X Lists to serve as a one-stop shop for the range of resources that entrepreneurs should find useful as they work to fulfill their own quests. We want them to be the Web’s most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to innovation resources in the San Diego area, and we’ve organized them according to the stages in a startup’s development: Start, Fund, Network, Work & Grow, and Analyze. We also hope you’ll help us keep the lists up to date—so if you know that a relevant organization or resource is missing, please let us know at

In saying “we,” however, I must give credit and express my personal thanks to Erin Kutz, an Xconomy Boston assistant editor (and the newest addition to Xconomy’s editorial staff), who researched and prepared these X Lists for San Diego’s innovation community.

If you’re just getting started, the X Lists include information and links to local business plan competitions and incubators that were established to help educate and guide entrepreneurs at the outset of their journey. We also list the angel groups, venture firms, and corporate venture funds where you can hear your first “No,” or perhaps “Hell No!” or maybe someday, “Yes.” (I’ve heard a San Diego venture firm partner advise entrepreneurs who are looking for seed-stage capital that they should expect to present their business plan to about 50 VCs. Also listed are … Next Page »

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  1. Lee says:

    excellent resource– nice work!