VoxOx Debuts Translator-in-the-Cloud for Instant Messaging, E-mails, Texting, Social Media

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English when they appeared on the spaceship’s big-screen TV screen.

Unlike Star Trek, however, the VoxOx Universal Translator does not translate voice calls. Translating a voice call would require transcribing speech in a way that understands slang, accents, slurred speech, and so forth, Bratt explains. “No one has really been able to do it [in] a seamless way,” Bratt says. “In the future, if it gets more viable, we may take a look at it.”

Bratt tells me the company has not spent any marketing dollars to promote its Voice-over-Internet Protocol services, relying instead on media announcements since VoxOx made its debut in 2008. The technology integrates different types of communications into a single, iPhone-like graphical user interface. Telcentris derived the name for its VoxOx business from “voice over X,” meaning its cloud-based software can send a voice call over any number of networks to a user’s computer or phone. Like Skype, VoxOx provides users a free phone number and allows free calls to other VoxOx users.

The VoxOx technology also enables users to combine a variety of their existing communications technologies onto a single platform, with a single computer screen that displays icons for their voice, video, instant messaging, text, e-mail, fax, and certain social networks, and the company continues to add compelling features. Last June, the company added a feature that makes it easier to place low-cost calls overseas. And in July, VoxOx added a virtual personal assistant—a service that can answer your phone calls, take a message, record a conversation, or route calls to your computer, cell phone, office phone, or any other destination you have listed.

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3 responses to “VoxOx Debuts Translator-in-the-Cloud for Instant Messaging, E-mails, Texting, Social Media”

  1. Marshall says:

    I am very skeptical about getting cloudy in everything. Big companies in voip industry like axvoice vonage and skype don’t fully rely on cloud or do they?