Wind Power Industry Convenes in San Diego Amid Howls Over Which Way Stimulus Funds Are Blowing

The movers and shakers in wind power are gathering in San Diego this week for what some renewable energy advocates view as the U.S. industry’s most important annual meeting—the Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit. They may be in for a chilly reception, though, with recent news accounts that foreign energy companies have been reaping a windfall in U.S. economic stimulus funding.

More than three-quarters of the $2 billion in federal stimulus funding that’s been awarded to help create green jobs in the U.S. has gone to foreign-owned companies, according to a front-page story published yesterday by The San Diego Union-Tribune. An analysis of wind-energy grants was initially released in October by the Investigative Reporting Workshop, a nonprofit at American University in Washington D.C.

The Union-Tribune published a follow-up report, prepared by the nonprofit Watchdog Institute at San Diego State University, that focused on grants that went to foreign wind energy companies with offices in San Diego County. The list includes Eurus Energy America, the La Jolla-based subsidiary of a Japanese company that got $91 million to build a wind farm in western Texas; enXco, the U.S. headquarters of a French-owned company that got $69.5 million to develop a wind farm in Indiana; and the Canon Power Group, with offices near Torrey Pines, which got $19 million to expand its wind farm near Klickitat, WA.

Several wind industry executives explained in the report that development of their U.S. renewable energy projects would have come to a standstill without the funding provided through the … Next Page »

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3 responses to “Wind Power Industry Convenes in San Diego Amid Howls Over Which Way Stimulus Funds Are Blowing”

  1. Saundra says:

    I am beyond enraged re this information.Does this actually mean that the U. S. Legislature are so incompetent that they did not know to put in the stimulus act a stipulation that NONE of this stimulus money was to be used outside the UNITED STATES? I THINK NOT. These Congressmen and Senators are for the most part attorneys. When your country is sold out, those who sell it out are traitors. What does the law of the U.S. say will be
    done to traitors?

  2. motaher hossain says:


  3. Rob Gramlich says:

    This story is wrong, as is the AU report. 100% of stimulus funding for wind projects went to US wind projects. US wind manufacturing is up 12 fold in four years and is over 50%, approaching the domestic content of Chrysler cars. We should not expect it to be close to 100% yet. If Congress would pass a national renewable standard, manufacturers would have enough stability to bring more of their production here. The source of the error is AU’s mistaken assumption that foreign based companies only employ people abroad. We have both US and foreign based manufacturers and all of them have production here. -Rob Gramlich, American Wind Energy Association