As Advertisers Expand Online, Covario Adds Web-Based Tools to Measure Their Success

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Covario’s meeting by industry analyst Shar VanBoskirk of Cambridge, MA-based Forrester Research.

VanBoskirk says companies spent an estimated $15.4 billion in the United States on search marketing in 2009, or more than half of the $25.6 billion total spent on all forms of interactive marketing, which includes online display advertising, e-mail marketing, social media, and mobile marketing. She projects that total will more than double, to almost $55 billion, in five years—with search marketing accounting for $31.6 billion of the total.

The expanding market for different categories of interactive marketing also helps to explain why Covario recently acquired NetConcepts, a Madison, WI-based specialist in search engine optimization for retailers and e-commerce websites.

Covario originally was focused on search analytics, and provided software-as-a-service to help big Fortune 500 companies optimize their websites, for example, by identifying the search terms that users most frequently use when they are shopping online. But Covario now is moving to help companies understand how effective their interactive marketing is in terms of spending for online TV, display, and social media advertising.

Covario spokesman Paul Borselli told me the NetConcepts deal enabled Covario to launch a new Web-based service, called Mobile Site Optimizer, that makes advertisers’ websites “mobile friendly” for the RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone, and other major mobile devices.

During its conference, Covario also announced the release of another software-as-a-service program designed specifically for large corporate advertisers and their agencies. The Web-based service, called Display Advertising Insight (DAI), enables advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their online display advertising. Covario says that advertisers who combine its DAI service with Covario’s existing Web-based programs that measure paid search advertising and organic search will have a comprehensive view of how successful their online marketing really is.

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