As Advertisers Expand Online, Covario Adds Web-Based Tools to Measure Their Success

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relatively small slice of the hundreds of billions of total marketing dollars that are spent in the United States every year—which raises a nagging question for companies like Covario: Why hasn’t spending on advertising followed the consumers who now spend most of their time online?

Covario CEO Russ Mann suggests that the answer may be generational, and that more advertising dollars will move online as the baby-boomer generation retires from the upper ranks of corporate marketing departments. The Gen-Xers—who grew up with computers, went to college and graduate school during the Internet boom, and use social media today—will assume command of the corporate marketing budget as they get promoted.

When he opened the conference, Mann told the crowd that the industry’s key trend this year is “search-powered marketing,” a concept that integrates search advertising into a company’s overall marketing campaign strategy. Mann explained that search engine marketing is increasingly being tied into other forms of interactive marketing, which means that online TV ads, website display ads, social networking, and even mobile ads all help funnel users to the core business in search-based marketing. “Search is the lead vocals,” Mann said, “and everything else is the band behind it.”

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