As Advertisers Expand Online, Covario Adds Web-Based Tools to Measure Their Success

A new generation of corporate marketing executives was in attendance last week when San Diego-based Covario convened its fourth annual corporate partners conference at the downtown Hard Rock Hotel. As a rock band jammed onstage, the gathering crowd included JP Morgan Chase’s vice president of search governance, Amgen’s senior marketing manager for oncology, and the consumer insight manager for Sony Online Entertainment.

Search governance? Consumer insight? Welcome to the world of corporate search engine marketing.

Covario, a startup backed by Seattle-based Voyager Capital, Dubilier & Co., and FT Ventures, specializes in interactive marketing technologies and services. It holds the meeting each year to discuss the latest trends in the highly specific world of search engine marketing and online advertising.

Search engine marketing, which promotes websites in search engine results by paying to ensure certain search terms are displayed (and by other techniques), is a highly profitable business dominated by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Covario operates in a different segment,  providing Web-based tools, analytical software, and other technologies that enable companies to optimize their websites and to measure just how much bang they get for each search-term buck they pay to Google and the other big boys.

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