Verdezyne Identifies First Product

When I profiled Verdezyne in November, the Carlsbad, CA-based startup didn’t want to disclose the first feedstock chemical it is aiming to displace by using genetically engineered yeast in a fermentation tank instead of a petrochemical refinery. Today Verdezyne is announcing it can use its proprietary sustainable processes to make adipic acid, a primary ingredient needed to make nylon. Verdezyne’s Damien Perriman tells me the process Verdezyne demonstrated in its lab could reduce the production costs of adipic acid by 20 percent or more. He estimates the global market for adipic acid at close to $5.2 billion a year. The announcement comes just in time for the Bio-Based Chemicals Summit that begins today at the Westin San Diego.

Bruce V. Bigelow was the editor of Xconomy San Diego from 2008 to 2018. Read more about his life and work here. Follow @bvbigelow

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