Cyntellect Raises $15.5M as it Expands Biotech Instrument Business

Xconomy San Diego — 

San Diego-based Cyntellect , which makes work stations used by biotechs for cell analysis, purification, and processing, has raised $15.5 million so far in a secondary round that aims to raise a total of $18.6 million, according to a recent regulatory filing.

Cyntellect says its instruments are used in life sciences research, biopharmaceutical production, stem cell research, and drug discovery. The company says its cytometers provide scientists with rapid, high-quality imaging and analysis of cells in every well of a 384-well microplate array. Cyntellect says its instruments can scan an entire well while maintaining consistent illumination for accurate cell identification from the center to the well edge. The company’s product line also includes an automated system for cultivating cell lines used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The current venture round consists of equity investments and convertible warrants, according to the filing. Cyntellect was founded in 1997, and earlier investors in the company include Bru II Venture Capital Fund, Iceland Genomics Ventures, Sigma-Aldrich, Sumitomo, and Third Security, according to VentureWire.