Xconomy San Diego’s First Year Anniversary Brings the Benefits of Hindsight on the Local Innovation News with the Biggest Global Impact

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the San Diego diagnostics company reeling. This has been one of many San Diego biotech stories where Luke Timmerman, Xconomy’s Seattle-based national biotech editor, has made major contributions. Sequenom first disclosed in April that it had mishandled data that was used to support a prenatal test for Down Syndrome.

—Retired SAIC founder J. Robert Beyster discussed for the first time how the San Diego defense contractor parlayed its $4.7-million acquisition of Herndon, VA-based Network Solutions into a multi-billion dollar windfall during the Internet boom of the late 1990s. After observing its 40th anniversary earlier this year, the company also known as Science Applications International Corp. announced it has moved its headquarters from San Diego to Mclean, VA.

—Luke has chronicled the race to develop the new generation of obesity drugs is playing out mostly in San Diego, where Arena Pharmaceuticals, Orexigen Therapeutics, and Amylin Pharmaceuticals are vying to enter the lucrative U.S. market. Today, roughly two-thirds of Americans are obese or overweight.

Since the debut of Xconomy San Diego, our company also has grown through its existing network of websites in other cities that are hotbeds for innovation—and we hope to expand even more. Our flagship Boston website (which is technically in Cambridge, MA) marked its second anniversary on June 27, and Xconomy Seattle celebrated its first anniversary on June 16. Xconomy’s nationwide network now counts more than 150,000 unique visitors each month.

Today the Xconomy network includes a National website that brings together the news from all three cities, unveiled Xconomy mobile, and recently launched “channels”—Xconomy Startups and Xconomy Life Sciences—that feature all the stories produced by the Xconomy network in those specific segments. As Xconomy co-founder, COO, and executive editor Rebecca Zacks put it: “We recognize that there are some of you out there who just don’t want any software-industry chocolate in your life-sciences peanut butter.”

Earlier this year, Xconomy San Diego also hosted its premiere event, a presentation on “Physics for Future Presidents” by UC Berkeley’s Richard A. Muller, and we are laying plans for more events to come. Since we launched Xconomy San Diego, we also have arranged to provide a specialized news feed to media partners that include The San Diego Union-Tribune and its website, SignOnSanDiego, as well as the new San Diego News Network.

It’s also important to note, though, that Xconomy’s news coverage of technology innovation only represents part of the whole picture. Each website also includes an Xconomist Forum—think of it as an online office water cooler—where many of the most prominent voices in our technology communities gather to post their own commentaries and articles about the issues and events on their mind. The Xconomist Forum serves as a kind of social networking platform for the technorati in each city, enabling them to share ideas and post comments about the news of the day or others’ ideas. Many of the leading innovators and business mavens who write for the forum also are supporting our efforts by serving as advisors, or “Xconomists.”

This online interaction represents the sort of “virtual-physical culture” that Larry Smarr described for me recently when he outlined his four big ideas for the future of the Internet. Smarr, who is director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology and a San Diego Xconomist, is predicting “an incredibly rapid pace of change” over the next decade. He says the physical trips you once made between your job and your home will increasingly become virtual journeys, as you use the Internet more and more for both work and entertainment. Smarr also sees more and more people collaborating online, as employees who live in different parts of the country come together to work virtually on various projects. At Xconomy, that’s something we already do every day.

In this spirit of physical-virtual collaboration, we want feedback—in person or online. We encourage you to comment on our stories and to talk to us at our events. Our contact information is available on every story we publish, and you can always reach us at editors@xconomy.com, or send us story ideas to tips@xconomy.com.

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Bruce V. Bigelow was the editor of Xconomy San Diego from 2008 to 2018. Read more about his life and work here. Follow @bvbigelow

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19 responses to “Xconomy San Diego’s First Year Anniversary Brings the Benefits of Hindsight on the Local Innovation News with the Biggest Global Impact”

  1. Tom Hanson says:

    Congrats on 1st anniversary, Bruce and team! You’ve clearly got the inside track on all the business news that matters in our region, as witnessed by your dominant presence at the U-T’s own Business page, and your timely, impactful coverage. Keep up the good work!

    Tom Hanson

  2. Bruce… Great job to you and the the entire staff… News does not become news unless someone writes about it… Great stories are developed not found…. Your team has done both.

  3. Team Bruce: In just one year Xconomy has become the “go to” news source for San Diego’s innovative economy. It is refreshing to have timely coverage which reports rather than repeats the news. Those of us involved with championing clean technology in San Diego value Xconomy’s focus on those emerging companies whose success is critical to our local economy and global survival. The inclusion of thought leaders as Xconomists is brilliant in design and execution. All of your readers look forward to what Xconomy will bring to us in the year ahead.

  4. Tom Gable says:

    Kudos! As a former journalist and current news junkie, I’ve enjoyed the depth and breadth of the Xconomy coverage. The shrinking news holes in the printed media and their reduced staffs with limited ability to cover the daily news, particularly in technology and life sciences, probably bodes well for a bright future for Xconomy. Continued success!

  5. Kimberly King says:

    Congratulations on completing a very successful first year in San Diego. I am glad Steve Woit and Bob Buderi chose San Diego as the third location for Xconomy’s wonderful coverage of the Tech, Wireless and Healthcare markets. San Diego has a lot to offer and is great to see Xconomy covering the important stories of innovation and news. Please continue to provide interesting local stories that will have a global impact. I look forward to celebrating many more years to come of Xconomy being a vital part of the business community of San Diego.

  6. Dan Gatti says:

    In these challenging times, being is business over a year is a key milestone. Xconomy has provided good insight into companies in San Diego and have provided significant information. Verari is in the energy efficient data center space and Bruce was able to capture our market opportunity very well. I am looking forward to more outstanding news.

  7. Jason Spark says:

    Xconomy has come such a long way in a short period of time and reflects how news outlets can still produce quality, timely news in a changing media market. The business of technology innovation has a tremendous impact on the San Diego economy — perhaps more than it’s recognized for. Xconomy has found a highly relevant niche for content that locals will consume, and has found a platform to keep pace with the current speed of communications.

  8. Andy Pelletier says:

    Congratulations, Bruce & team! Xconomy has been a great addition to the San Diego Innovation landscape. Quality and timely news is critical in helping our technology and life science community flourish. Thanks for all the insightful stories and all your support for our great market.

  9. Lee Barken says:

    Congrats to Bruce and the Xconomy team! Thank you for supporting the San Diego business community and providing this great resource!

  10. Michael Elconin says:

    San Diego is visited regularly by representatives of cities from around the US and regions from around the world trying to understand what makes San Diego’s entrepreneurial environment so vibrant. Kudos to Bruce Bigelow and Xconomy for not only covering our environment but for becoming an integral part of it.

  11. Killu Sanborn says:

    Congratulations and kudos – I have been very impressed with the speed with which Xconomy became a “must have news source” from a “Have you heard of these guys?” just a mere year or so ago. You provide daily reading and food for thought, quotes and heated discussions for many of us in the local innovation economy. Keep up the good work! I find myself constantly telling friends who haven’t heard of Xconomy (but who should…) to check it out. Amazing how quickly and completely you have found ways to get all your fingers on the many pulses of San Diego. Well done, and thank you!

  12. Real stories about real people in real-time for biotech entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

  13. Bruce, your contributions to clean technology in the region are invaluable. Clean Tech has long been ignored by mainstream media and your team has personally contribution to increasing the rate of commercialization of new technologies. Please keep up the insightful articles and the hard work!

  14. I’d also like to thank Bruce for his hard and great work this past year—sorry it’s such a slower pace than he was used to(ha!)—as well as national biotech editor Luke Timmerman, who although based in Seattle has led our San Diego biotech coverage as if he were there!

    Kudos as well to the rest of the Xconomy team—most notably Michele Gerus, our new business development manager for the region—who have helped out on every front.

    Most especially, I would like to thank our underwriters, venture members, and partners for supporting a fledgling endeavor as we try to bring great news coverage of the innovation scene to the area—and of course our great and growing San Diego audience, whom we are getting to know better and better each day. Keep those comments and suggestions coming!

  15. A great milestone indeed. Congratulations to Bruce and Xconomy. Your overall coverage and insight is excellent. I really appreciate your focus on the emerging software companies in San Diego. Keep up the great work and we will keep reading!

  16. The very best in current, interesting and informative news you can use! Congratulations – keep up the great work.

  17. “According to Xconomy…” a phrase that is often heard at lunch when discussing the latest San Diego Biotech, Technology and Clean Tech business developments.

    Congratulations. You have brought valued sustenance to the community. So much has happened in the last year and I look forward to the coming years with Xconomy. Thank you for helping us stay on top of everything. This is one of the few news feeds that is non-bias, factual, and timely. Keep those emails coming.

  18. Lowell Burnett says:

    In these days of declining print media, Xconomy provides a valuable and important service to the business community. Congrats on your first year!

  19. Duane Roth says:

    Congratulations and well done to Xconomy on the results of their 1st year covering technology in San Diego. Over the past year, Xconomy has partnered with CONNECT to keep pace with developments in San Diego’s innovation economy. Communications is key to strategic partnerships, licensing, and funding and Xconomy is working to help provide this critical link. Thank you to Bruce Bigelow and Bob Buderi on a successful first year!