Pathway Genomics Has $250 DNA Test

Xconomy San Diego — 

A San Diego startup has joined the stampede of medical diagnostic startups that are offering to help consumers decode their own personal genome to determine their risk for disease. Pathway Genomics, which announced its debut yesterday, joins Complete Genomics and 23andMe, which are both based in Mountain View, CA, Navigenics of Foster City, CA, and deCODE Genetics of Reykjavik, Iceland. Pathway says it can test consumers for their genetic risk to more than 90 health conditions for $250. Consumers also can order an ancestry test for $200, or both services for $350.

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2 responses to “Pathway Genomics Has $250 DNA Test”

  1. In June I paid for a test for DNA and you sent me the equipment and I returned it to you with my sample and was told you would send me the results in 6 to 8 weeks. Well those weeks have gone by and I haven’t heard from Pathway. Why?