Small is Beautiful: Helix Power’s Weinbrandt Sees a Small Wind Turbine On Every Rooftop

Scott Weinbrandt spent 25 years working in computer technology, including 10 years as an executive at Dell, the direct-sales computer giant, as well as time as a senior vice president at Gateway, the onetime San Diego computer maker that is now part of Acer. During that time, the computer industry moved from centralized mainframes to distributed personal computers.

Now Weinbrandt says he’s seeing the same trend emerging in the renewable energy sector as the president and chairman of Helix Wind, a San Diego startup that specializes in vertical-axis wind turbines. “Big wind is getting a big pushback,” Weinbrandt says.

While many companies are still pursuing big centralized wind farm projects, such as the one near Palm Springs, CA, there’s also a movement to install smaller wind turbines in backyards and on rooftops.

Helix Wind's turbineIf he’s right about the trend, Weinbrandt has positioned Helix Wind (OTC: HLXW) to catch the prevailing breeze by targeting urban residential and commercial customers. “If you look at what we’re doing, our goal is to be the No. 1 small wind solutions provider,” Weinbrandt says.

The helical-shaped turbines developed by Helix Wind founders Ian Gardner and Ken Morgan are visually stunning—they look so much like spinning sculptures that Weinbrandt says some customers are buying them for the product’s aesthetic value. So-called Savonius turbines, such as Helix Wind’s iconic design, are usually considered less efficient at generating electricity than propeller-driven turbines with a horizontal axis. But Weinbrandt says a key benefit of the helical platform is its ability to operate at high torque in lower wind speeds—and to continue operating at high wind speeds.

“What we’ve done is take it to another level,” Weinbrandt says, noting Helix has 43 IP filings in the U.S. and elsewhere, with one patent pending at two trademarks received. “This technology has been refined and one of the key components is the ability to start up in light winds and still sustain high winds without shutting down. Most of our competitors have to shut down at 40 miles per hour.” The cleantech company says it competes with a variety of other vertical-axis turbine makers in the U.S., including Oregon Wind of Portland, OR, and Mariah Power of Reno, NV.

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14 responses to “Small is Beautiful: Helix Power’s Weinbrandt Sees a Small Wind Turbine On Every Rooftop”

  1. AR MARIN says:


  2. AR MARIN says:


  3. Stan Kaplan says:

    Can you give me a rough idea of cost versus savings for a domestic installation?

  4. Harris Sobin says:

    What is approx. price for a small unit, installed, for a single family residence?

  5. marc robinson says:

    Our non-profit is working on a project in jackson county oregon. A monolithic concrete dome lodge that will, demonstrate and showcase green technologies to it’s residents, and to the public as well.
    It will use the power of a 4 apt. multi-family home. How many turbines would we need, and about how much per

  6. Bracken says:

    I like the roof top VAWTs. I think savionous (including your helix) are very attactive. I hope these become more available for private residences.

  7. Greg Reiva says:

    As a physics high school science teacher, I have involved my students with scientific analysis of blade wind turbines and even the Helix type turbine. Wind energy is one of the most tried and true methods to harness clean energy out of the environment. It is proven, dependable free energy courtesy of mother nature.

    I believe that if public institutions such as libraries, museums, city hall and other public utilities began to incorporate this new technology within their established energy operating systems, then it would help to raise awareness in our communities to more quickly bring new wind energy paradigm into existence within society as a whole.

    Today, these new alternative energy technologies must be quickly integrated as a fundamental and core source of energy for our needs. Public awareness is crucial to help fuel the political debate to move quickly as a country and make great strides in bringing forth a green revolution in our economy and in our society.

  8. Stu Pidaso says:

    The Helix turbines break all the time and wouldn’t run a vibrator

  9. I would like to put 4 or 8 identical helix turbines connected in series on my home facing in different directions to make the most of the available wind and for aesthetic effect.
    Is this technically feasible?
    Do I get a cost break for quantity and/or for creative use of your products?

  10. Bill Doe says:

    Does Stu there have a point? Do these break.. everything I’ve been reading so far seems bias and positive. Balance sheet is a ghost town, stock has lost like 99% of its market cap practically since this ‘featured’ article. Can anyone explain why that is?

    I bought 10k at half a penny so I can dream how sweet it would be if this stock went back to a buck. $50 to dream is pretty cheep

  11. Charles H. Briggs Jr. says:

    What environmental testing has ben done on a production run version of which models?
    I would be particularly interested in long term exposute to Sea spray and vapors (mists).
    I would also be interested in how the bearing life would be affected if ynits were installed on top of a telephone pole. Vibrating in the wind. What likely resonant frequency in the wind on pole might be.
    Another question would be how the aluminium would survive in a constantly sea spray & mist. I have 53 poles as possible sites for aplication.

  12. Clive Roux says:

    Lots of questions of course but we need a breakthrough in affordability and performance to get some volume. We’re cheering for you to succeed and show the way with domestic wind energy to help people Live Green!