A Good Day for Pond Scum: San Diego’s Emerging Algae-Based Industries Set Heavy Schedule

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 the economic proposition that new algae-based technologies represent. “It’s not just a meeting to get together and have a nice time,” Halperin says. “We need to make sure that we’re appropriately establishing the right vision and collectively setting the right action items…There’s just a number of things that we’re ready to get started and to be working on.”

Halperin says he organized the stakeholders meeting to first provide an overview of San Diego’s regional algae initiative, and to revisit the vision and commitment needed to build on the area’s emerging prominence. He also organized a series of short presentations by various leaders as a round up of progress in specific areas. They include:

—A presentation on SD-CAB by scientist Steve Mayfield of The Scripps Research Institute.

—An overview of algae biofuel development efforts among federal agencies by David Hazlebech of General Atomics, the San Diego-based government contractor.

—Algae biofuels development among venture-backed companies and the prospects for private capital in the region.

—How Sempra Energy, the San Diego-based energy conglomerate, views regional plans for an algae-based energy industry.

—An overview of plans to use algae in water remediation plans for the Imperial Valley’s Salton Sea.

—The possible role for integrating algae water remediation technologies in San Diego’s wastewater treatment facilities.

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