West Wireless Health Institute Established With $45M Donation

Xconomy San Diego — 

A family foundation established by telemarketing entrepreneurs Gary and Mary West today committed $45 million to help establish one of the world’s first medical research organizations to use wireless healthcare technologies. The San Diego-based West Wireless Health Institute also is supported by Scripps Health as a founding health care affiliate and Qualcomm as a founding sponsor.

The new institute is dedicated to advancing health and well being through the use of wireless technologies. Its board of directors will be chaired by founder Gary West, and include Dr. Eric J. Topol, Chief Academic Officer at Scripps Health, and Donald Jones, vice president of Health and Life Sciences at Qualcomm.

In a statement released by the Institute, Gary West says he believes “this emerging field will completely transform health care as we know it.”

“The rapid and remarkable progress in wireless sensors – continuously tracking important parameters such as blood sugar, blood pressure, all vital signs, sleep state and even caloric intake and expenditure – has the potential to change medicine in a radical and unprecedented way,” said Dr. Topol. Under his leadership the Institute “will conduct clinical research on solutions to better prevent, diagnose, manage and treat major health conditions, ranging from Alzheimer’s to heart disease to obesity.”

Gary and Mary West founded West Telemarketing in 1986, and shifted to providing computer answering services and other communication-based relationship management technologies. Their renamed West Corp. became a public company in 1996, and reached annual sales of $1.5 billion in 2005. They formed the Omaha, NE-based Gary and Mary West Foundation in 2007 after West Corp. was taken private in 2006 in a deal with Thomas H. Lee Partners and Quadrangle Group.

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2 responses to “West Wireless Health Institute Established With $45M Donation”

  1. garyhylton says:

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    a antiboby specfic to that tumer be precipitated as a standard that lymphatic vaccine in early stage of metastasis and many other colateral non toxic remedies that focus on turning on our own immune systems as the health care of the future and done soas part af a cost effective automated diagnostic system that is updateble like any other database and routine as simple as facial recognision applied to cell and spectrometic scaning , soundings,and or fMRIscans soon to be 3d if not all ready and I would be so bold as to bet MR gates and his foundation could assemble the operating system that would recieve the updates and typing of ones growing person. What good is a fragmented health system, consolidate the diagnostic and the effiency and the evolution will be a globally cosolidated effort if set up right, from the start, the ability to sell minutes like a phone call will never be allowed to again be held hostage for the benefit of other than best medicine the lives of the people lost to date include my mom and the incompetance of great people are now in my sight and if you took your resources and made available not just resources but a benevolent round table of great minds all in one building the saftey of the objective to institute and deploy the kiosk with a trained operator that gives post diagnotic referals automatically via consent of the person and the theoretical augmentation or intervening hormone replacement or otherwise thus truly improving quality of life ,vs what we do to our seniors today, were insane and blind.This is inevietably the solution to the geriatric pop that we can count on in the next 40 yrs and intervenes in a mannor that incites a proffessional community that like a automated education system is up to date flexable and in the interest of all not the greedy and makes sociological corrections that allows a corrupt decietful lie spin and distract dumbing down to be allowed to be the tools that permiates our entire social structure and divides instead of unite us , here the capacity for me to work would then exist as a prototype super magnet cheap to manuf. can be brought to the for front for uses in cheap small Fmri as well as getting hydrogen from H2o reddily or high spead monorail deployment just to name a few , the pathetic nature of congressional support for intellectual property theft is a real issue for fact finding as it reinforces economic espionage vs finding the teslas, edisons , mendalovs ford ,wrights, goodyears,gates ,linclons washingtons, King and the like SORRY about my spelling but the exactions are of little interest to me