San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation

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generating inert gas and displacing oxygen.

PowerGenix (San Diego, CA)
This company develops next-generation nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries that are lightweight and rechargeable, and contain no toxic materials, are easily recyclable, and non-combustible.

Pyron Solar (San Diego, CA)
Founded in 2004, Pryon has developed a patented photovoltaic optics system that generates 90 kilowatt peak energy with high-efficiency conversion of sunlight into electricity.

Quanlight (San Diego, CA)
Quanlight is a venture-backed company that has created high-power yellow-amber-red LED light technology.

Reaction Design (San Diego, CA)
Reaction has developed advanced software and databases to model gas-phase chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, combustion reactions, and combustion emissions for the transportation and energy sectors.

Riverside Technologies (San Diego, CA)
Riverside’s proprietary process uses scrap tires as the primary raw material in the production of SynBlack (recycled carbon black), oil, gas, and steel.

SAIC (San Diego, CA)
A diversified government contractor with more than 45,000 employees worldwide, Science Applications International Corp. specializes in contract engineering and research and development across a variety of industries, including pollution control, environmental remediation, and energy.

Sapphire Energy (San Diego, CA)
Sapphire is developing technologies to produce jet fuel and other biofuels from algae. Bill Gates’ Cascade Investment, Arch Venture Partners, Venrock, and Wellcome Trust provided $100 million in venture funding to Sapphire in September.

Seacoast Sciences (Carlsbad, CA)
Founded in 2003, Seacoast has developed chemical microsensor systems and related products based on patented microelectrical mechanical systems technologies and chemi-selective polymers licensed from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

SG Biofuels (San Diego, CA)
SG Biofuels specializes in cultivating and processing Jatropha, a hardy shrub found throughout Latin America, to produce biodiesel, energy, and bioplastics.

SolASE (San Diego, CA)
Founded in 2006 by four optics and photonics students at UC San Diego, SolASE is commercializing novel solar cell technologies for use with … Next Page »

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