San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation

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suppliers of solar energy products.

L3 Communications/Pulse Sciences (San Diego, CA)
A San Diego-based unit of New York’s L-3 Communications, PS provides pulsed power products and services, as well as ultracapacitors, an energy storage device ideally suited for burst power applications in hybrid electric vehicles and other uses.

L3 Research (San Diego, CA)
This company, which is not affiliated with L3 Communications, develops electric and hybrid drives and controls for manned and unmanned vehicles.

Lightwave Photonics (Encinitas, CA)
An early stage company developing chip-based green, blue, and white LEDs that produce brighter light at a lower cost.

Maxwell Technologies (San Diego, CA)
Maxwell is a leading U.S. manufacturer of ultracapacitors, energy storage devices designed for use in power-generating windmills, power systems, and hybrid electric vehicles.

Networkfleet (San Diego, CA)
A Hughes Telematics subsidiary that provides wireless fleet management services, resulting in reduced overall fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, and vehicle emissions.

New Leaf Biofuel (San Diego, CA)
This startup collects waste vegetable oil from restaurants and other organizations and turns it into biodiesel.

Noble Environmental Technologies (San Diego, CA)
Provides ECOR lightweight, 3D molded panel products manufactured from 100-percent recycled materials, including cardboard, newspapers, and agricultural fibers.

Omnitek (San Marcos, CA)
This company creates advanced measurement technology for exhaust emission control technologies.

Pearson Fuels (San Diego, CA)
An alternative fuel distributor provides ethanol-based fuels to specially equipped service stations throughout California.

Phyre Technologies (El Cajon, CA)
Phyre has developed proprietary technologies to improve the safety of fuel tanks on commercial aircraft with lighter, smaller, and environmentally friendly systems for … Next Page »

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