San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation

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from blockages or flooding.

Helix Wind (San Diego, CA)
A startup founded in 2006, Helix is developing small, helical-shaped wind turbines as a distributed platform for producing electricity.

High Regard Software (Encinitas, CA)
A private software engineering firm developing RideGrid, a mobile-Internet-based service that enables rider and driver to evaluate the safety, convenience, and value of ride sharing.

HR BioPetroleum (San Diego, CA)
HR BioPetroleum, with operations in Hawaii and San Diego, is a renewable energy company developing marine microalgae to both help absorb industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and produce biofuel feedstocks.

ISE (Poway, CA)
With funding from Siemens Venture Capital and others, ISE develops hybrid-electric drive systems and components for municipal buses.

JMAR (San Diego, CA)
JMAR has developed a patented multi-angle, light-scattering technology for identifying and warning of the presence of waterborne pathogens in drinking water.

Kai BioEnergy (Del Mar, CA)
An alternative biofuel company with operations in Del Mar, CA, and Hawaii, Kai BioEnergy is developing technologies to produce biodiesel from algae.

Kairos Scientific (San Diego, CA)
Kairos provides contract research and development services that use optical design, software engineering, and molecular genetics for specialized customers in biopharmaceutical, cleantech, and chemical industries.

Kent BioEnergy (San Diego, CA)
Kent is developing proprietary technologies that use algae in biofuel production, water pollution remediation, carbon dioxide absorption, landfill management, and the production of livestock feed additives.

Knight & Carver (National City, CA)
Knight & Carver was named boatyard of the year in 2007 by the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association. But with a $12.5 million private equity investment in 2007, Knight & Carver launched a wind group based on its development of a new blade design for wind turbines in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories. The Sweep Twist Adaptive Rotor, or STAR blade, is designed to produce more electricity from a given wind turbine without increasing wear and tear on the machine.

Kyocera Solar (San Diego, CA)
Kyocera Solar, operated by the North American headquarters of the Japanese industrial giant, is one of the world’s largest producers and … Next Page »

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