San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation

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electricity and heat by burning municipal solid waste, sludge, vegetation, and other biomass.

Envision Solar (San Diego, CA)
Envision is an architectural firm developing proprietary designs for converting parking lots into “solar groves” of commercial photovoltaic energy systems.

Fallbrook Technologies (San Diego, CA)
Fallbrook holds more than 200 issued and pending patents for a continuously variable transmission that helps improve the fuel efficiency of vehicle engines.

Filmetrics (San Diego, CA)
This company makes instruments for measuring thin-layer films, including semiconductor and photovoltaic films that can be used by manufacturing line operators at a fraction of the cost of conventional instruments.

Fleet Biodiesel (San Diego, CA)
Fleet Biodiesel develops and sells diagnostic test kits for new biofuels coming to market and identifies industry best practices for biodiesel distribution and use.

Float (San Diego, CA)
With development funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and others, Float has developed pneumatically stabilized platforms for use as oil and gas production facilities, offshore military bases, harbors, and other facilities. The platform design can use wave energy to generate electricity.

General Atomics (San Diego, CA)
Privately held General Atomics develops a range of industrial products and services, include nuclear fission and fusion reactor technologies, de-icing technology, maglev transportation technology, and hazardous waste minimization & destruction.

Genomatica (San Diego, CA)
An advanced bioinformatics and biotechnology company developing methods to design and engineer living cells to produce industrial quantities of valuable biological and chemical compounds.

Greenward Technologies (San Diego, CA)
An early stage company developing a prototype energy-generating windmill design, which uses four counter-rotating turbines to negate the air turbulence generated in the wake of a large, single-turbine windmill.

GreenCore Capital (San Diego, CA)
GreenCore is a private equity firm that operates much like a venture capital firm by investing in startup companies developing promising renewable energy companies.

Hadronex (Escondido, CA)
Privately held Hadronex has developed remote wireless sensing technology to monitor wastewater collection systems for sewage overflows resulting … Next Page »

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