San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation

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alternative feedstocks to produce biodiesel.

Amulaire Thermal Technology (San Diego, CA)
Amulaire uses proprietary technology to make heat-dissipation products used in liquid cooling systems, including those used in hybrid electric vehicles, alternative energy power generation systems, and LED systems.

Aptera Motors (Carlsbad, CA)
Aptera is using ultra-light composite materials to make an aerodynamic two-seater hybrid electric vehicle that is technically a motorcycle. Backed by $20 million from Bill Gross’s Idealab, the company also plans an all-electric model.

Assure Controls (Vista, CA)
Assure Controls uses patented bioluminescence technology to rapidly detect toxic levels of contaminants in water and soils.

Balboa Pacific (Del Mar, CA)
Balboa has developed a pyrolytic gasification waste treatment technology that destroys solid and liquid organic wastes, including toxic materials, reducing the feedstock to a sterile ash and hot exhaust gases.

Biomatrica (San Diego, CA)
Biomatrica has developed technology to store biological samples at room temperature, eliminating the need for expensive refrigerator storage equipment in biological laboratories.

Bull Moose Energy (San Diego, CA)
This company is developing a 23 MW power plant fueled by biomass waste in Otay Mesa, CA, about 25 miles southeast of San Diego.

California Wind Systems (Carlsbad, CA)
An early stage company, California Wind Systems is developing a patented wind impeller system for residential and commercial rooftop installations.

Carbon Capture Corp. (San Diego, CA)
Based in La Jolla, Carbon Capture operates a 40-acre algae research center in the Imperial Valley, where it is developing ways to use algae to absorb carbon dioxide emitted from gas- and coal-fired power plants. The aim of the system is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate … Next Page »

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