San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation

Who’s Who in San Diego cleantech innovation?

At Xconomy San Diego, we wanted to answer that question as completely as possible, so we put together an accounting of all the local companies that are creating new ways to make biofuels, clean the environment, and improve the energy efficiency of our vehicles, homes, and businesses. In preparing our list, we owe a debt of gratitude to the nonprofit industry group Cleantech San Diego, which has compiled on its website a comprehensive inventory of every company under the sun with ties to the cleantech and renewable energy industries. We winnowed that list down to just the companies that are focused squarely on technological innovation (as opposed to other players in the cleantech arena, such as solar panel installers and engineering consultants).

Of course, our list likely isn’t comprehensive, and like so many good things, it will be outdated soon. If you know any companies we missed, please send us an e-mail addressed to “editors at”  (And if your interests lie further north, Xconomy Seattle recently published its guide to the cleantech clusters of the Pacific Northwest, breaking out separate lists for Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.)

Achates Power (San Diego, CA)
This venture-backed startup is developing a fuel-efficient, cleaner-burning diesel engine, based on a two-cycle, opposed-piston internal combustion design.

AdaptiveARC (San Diego, CA)
This waste-to-clean-energy startup is developing an arc-plasma reactor and related technologies and services that offer an alternative to landfills.

Allylix (San Diego, CA)
Allylix has developed technology to synthesize terpenes, a class of hydrocarbons naturally produced by conifers and other plants. The company has licensed its technology to an unnamed cleantech company to develop and commercialize terpene fuels and fuel additives.

Ambient Control Systems (El Cajon, CA)
Ambient has developed a customized solar energy device with a computerized energy management and control system to power and operate remote sensor and surveillance networks.

American Biodiesel and Community Fuels (Encinitas, CA)
This company conducts biofuels research and development, using animal fats, vegetable oils, waste oils, and other … Next Page »

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