Sorenson’s New CEO Establishes San Diego ‘Hub’

One of the corollaries of hiring a new CEO is that sometimes the corporate mountain moves instead of the guy at the top, which may be a factor in an announcement today by Utah’s Sorenson Media.

The Salt Lake City-based developer of video compression and encoding software said today Sorenson has opened a new San Diego office that will now “serve as the central hub for the company’s business operations.”

The company founded in 1995 by James Lee Sorenson recently hired a new CEO, Peter Csathy, who has led several high-growth digital media ventures, including SightSpeed, (acquired by Logitech in late 2008) MusicMatch, (aqcuired by Yahoo! in 2004) and eNow, (acquired by AOL-TimeWarner in 2006.)

Sorenson Media’s Squeeze video compressor and optimizer software is one of the industry’s leading video encoding tools. Squeeze is one of the basic video software tools used by hundreds of millions of online surfers when they make or watch videos.

In Sorenson’s press release, Csathy says that the San Diego staff is expected to triple in number within a year. Sorenson Media currently has approximately 10 people in its San Diego office. The company has about 25 employees in Salt Lake City, and a spokesman says that staff also is expected to grow.

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