San Diego’s Stem Cell Startup Reports Hair-Regrowth Results

Xconomy San Diego — 

San Diego-based Histogen CEO Gail Naughton is presenting encouraging preliminary results today at a stem cell conference from the startup’s first human trial of its hair regrowth treatment, ReGenica.

The company says it is in the midst of conducting a five-month clinical trial somewhere outside the United States to assess the safety of ReGenica. After 12 weeks, the company says, patients using the treatment show increased, thicker hair growth, with no adverse reactions. ReGenica is an injectable liquid product made by culturing cells from newborns and collecting growth factors, so-called wnt proteins, and other molecules that the cells secrete. In mice, wnt proteins are involved in triggering stem cells in the skin to form hair, according to Histogen’s press release.

About 25 subjects enrolled in the Phase 1 trial. They are all men, from 18 to 45 years old, with varying stages of male-pattern baldness.

Naughton is reporting the results at the 4th Annual Stem Cell Summit in New York. Histogen says its goal in conducting the study outside the country is to obtain human safety data for the under-the-scalp injections more rapidly, and thereby speed development of the product. Naughton told me in November her early focus is developing products for cosmetics, dermatology, and plastic surgery industries to generate revenue needed to support long-term development of living tissue skin grafts and other products.

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21 responses to “San Diego’s Stem Cell Startup Reports Hair-Regrowth Results”

  1. ash says:


    I am 22 years old and i am suffering from hair loss. I believe this is a genetic problem as it runs strongly in my family and relatives. I was interested in knowing about the future cure posibilities or remedies for baldness.Please keep me posted on recent developments. Thank you

  2. Jeff says:

    I would pay good $ for a treatment like this. I turned 30 this past July and noticed substantial hair loss for the first time in my life. I started taking propecia but it gave me unwanted side effects so I stopped taking it. Now I am faced with continued baldness. I wish this treatment was 5 years further ahead in development. For now I am screwed unless I can find another solution to keep the hair that I already have. This really freaks me out! Help!

  3. MIKE says:


  4. Jan says:

    Even Im still not that old, I can see signs of baldness (the hairline) when I look up the mirror. I hope this technology comes out soon coz I dont like to be mistaken for a bright and shiny cue ball.

  5. the reason for such a slow process this country has to many meetings to many conditions. to many prioriies for the money. that what its all about in the first place.

  6. J says:

    Im pretty sure India will have it before any other country. I can always count on them…I CANT wait Im 29 half Bald n I really need my hair back. lets go India we r counting on you.

  7. Alfredo says:

    I agree, without doubt India will be the leader in addressing these concerns.Reports
    are quite regular that a place in India may have a breakthrough.

  8. David Shrem says:

    i just want you to be a ware and to have your attention, that how many millions of people males and females, could be happy and less complex
    if you the researches concentrate , and find the cure for baldness,

  9. Karen says:

    Sounds good but what about women with hair loss? You just feel like a social outcast with hair loss.

  10. D says:

    I would like more info! i would like to sign up for testing!

  11. I, am a 45 years woman oh have patch baldness 9yr now; do you know if this treatment will work for me. than you.

    caroline rigby

  12. i had bone marrow transplant 8 years ago i loss my hair from treatment can you help condition thank you

  13. rich says:

    there must be a way to keep them afloat, we need you tp bring a cure for this depressing disease that MPB is.

  14. mtaylor says:

    may i possibly participate in your clinical trials in the united states when they begin…..

  15. Paul Wierenga says:

    please send me info i would like to get this done thanks

  16. cantubury says:

    they are doing fda approved, according to their letter, stem cell hair regrowth and it works. who invented this anyway

  17. Brandi Myhr says:

    Does this mean they are taking aborted fetus’s (dead babies) & injecting them into peoples scalps to make their hair grow? If so, isn’t there another way, like using stem cells from the cord blood of infants that gets thrown out every day?

  18. greg brant says:

    Ads me to your list. Let me know when this procedure is available,

  19. Sunny says:

    Good news people !! You were counting on India, and India won’t let you down. This treatment is already available by many Indian companies in India, it’s been almost 2 years now and it has stabalized too. Couple of those medical giants are very popular and have treated thousands of patients already. I was thinking of going in for the stem cell thing myself but not sure if it’ll be safe? The doctor there told me that they have cells from Korea which have been purified 1000 times or something and she said it’s totally safe (but they will say it anyways right?)

  20. robret says:

    Let me know when this is availible!