San Diego’s First Xconomy Forum: Physics for Future Presidents

The United States will have a new president in four days. But if it were you, how should science and technology guide you in making key decisions in areas like energy, the environment, and fighting terrorism? Should we invest heavily in solar power or electric cars? What is the real potential of nuclear technology—either as a terrorist weapon or as a clean energy savior? How much do we really have to worry about global warming, or do we really even know yet?

These are just some of the issues that will be addressed in our San Diego site’s first Xconomy Forum: Physics for Future Presidents—which will be held on Feb. 9 at 4 p.m. on the University of California, San Diego campus. The speaker is renowned U.C. Berkeley physicist and MacArthur “genius” grant winner Richard A. Muller, author of a best-selling new book of the same name. The book, in turn, is based on his course for non-science students, which was voted the most popular class on the Cal campus.

Rich is an old friend of mine; I first met him when working on a cover story for Time magazine about how an asteroid or comet might have led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. He was one of the core team, along with Luis Alvarez and others at Berkeley, who advanced that theory and changed our view of our planet’s history. Rich is one of the world’s most original, and provocative, science and technology thinkers, and we are pleased to have him join us for our debut San Diego event.

And if you think you already know the answers to some of the questions posed above, be prepared to be surprised, even amazed, by Rich’s arguments—this is a man who doesn’t put much stock in conventional wisdom or the party line. All of which could—and we hope will—make for some lively debate during Rich’s talk, which begins at 4 pm (doors open at 3:30) in the Hojel Auditorium in UCSD’s Institute of the Americas Complex. And you’ll have ample chance to continue the discussion, and to meet fellow members of the San Diego innovation community, during a networking reception in the adjacent Arango Foyer that will begin immediately after the talk.

You can find more details and registration information here; tickets are going fast, so act quickly. Xconomy San Diego editor Bruce Bigelow and I look forward to seeing you there, future presidents.

Bob is Xconomy's founder and chairman. You can email him at [email protected] Follow @bbuderi

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