Huya Bioscience Taps Into China For Novel Drug Candidates

Xconomy San Diego — 

If there was an “ah-ha!” moment for Huya Bioscience International, it occurred in 2004, when founder Mireille Gingras was working as a consultant for mid-size biotech companies.

“I was looking for opportunities for in-licensing compounds in China when I found a very interesting drug for Alzheimer’s,” Gingras recalls. The potential for the Chinese drug in the United States and elsewhere was big, but Gingras says she saw an even bigger business opportunity in licensing the legions of drug candidates under development in China.

She ran with her idea, and started Huya at a time when the global pharmaceutical industry faces a pressing need for new drug compounds. Gingras says Huya now has “hundreds” of in-licensed Chinese compounds in its portfolio, which includes a spectrum of pre-clinical and clinical drug candidates in such therapeutic areas as oncology, neurology, immunology, and hematology.

“It’s a whole new source for drugs, and the pharmaceutical companies are very excited about this,” says Jan Tuttleman, Huya’s vice president of marketing. “It’s like a whole new oil field that we’ve found.”

The company has a multi-faceted strategy for capitalizing on this drug-development gusher. Huya plans to in-license some prospective drugs from China and bring … Next Page »

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