Xconomy Forum: Physics for Future Presidents

An eye-opening discussion about energy, terrorism, and the future of technology that all citizens should hear

Think you have a good read on the promise of clean energy and other core technological issues of the day? MacArthur “genius” award-winning physicist Richard A. Muller, one of the world’s most original thinkers on science and technology and author of the top-selling new book Physics for Future Presidents, might make you reconsider. Muller will challenge conventional wisdom, debunk popular myths, and illuminate in novel ways critical issues about energy, cleantech, electric cars, global warming, counterterrorism, and the future of technology-issues the new president, and all citizens, must face in the coming years.

The U.C. Berkeley professor, a leading member of the team that theorized how an asteroid or comet killed the dinosaurs, named his new book after his course for non-science students, voted the most popular class on the Berkeley campus. Be sure not to miss this engaging presentation.

Muller’s talk will be followed by a networking reception.

The first 50 people to register will receive copies of Physics for Future Presidents.
NOTE: The books went like hotcakes but there are still a few tickets left—get yours now!

Date: Monday, February 9, 2009.

Location and Time
UCSD’s Institute of the Americas Complex
International Lane
UCSD Campus
A map and directions to the venue are here.
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Registration Opens: 3:30 pm
Program:  4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Hojel Auditorium
Reception: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Arango Foyer

Tickets: $40.
Tickets are transferable but not refundable.
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This event is not sponsored by UCSD or by the Institute of the Americas.

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