Tracking San Diego Tech Layoffs

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Cash is king. It’s an old adage. But in good times, people seem to take it as meaning that spending cash is king. In hard times like the present, it’s all about conservation of cash. And as the economic woes from Wall Street spill out into the tech sector, companies are announcing widespread layoffs as they seek to reduce their burn rate, focus, and hunker down to ride out the storm.

It’s no different in the San Diego region. As the layoffs began to increase, capped by Monday’s announcement by Amylin Pharmaceuticals that it would trim back 25 percent of its staff, or 340 workers, we decided it was time to start tracking the fallout.

Below you’ll find our San Diego Layoff Litany (we’ve also done it for our other cities of Seattle and Boston, and you can find an overview of all our layoff trackers here). We are tracking layoffs in both technology and life sciences firms in the region since June 2008—with the count so far at 1,382. That number is sure to grow over time—and you can find the running total by scrolling to the bottom of the spreadsheet, which lists layoffs in reverse chronological order.

One note: To explore the “More Info” links in the table below, please right-click or command-click on the links, then select “Open Link in New Tab” or “Open Link in New Window.” Due to a quirk in Google Spreadsheets, clicking on these links directly will cause a new Web page to open inside the spreadsheet window.

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4 responses to “Tracking San Diego Tech Layoffs”

  1. As white collar employees are handed pink slips, an employer like a bank, a law firm, an engineering outfit, a technology company may be prudent to retain their e-mail records. The records are a valuable asset to the employer. –Ben

  2. Chris says:

    Phenomix, San Diego has laid off the entire chemistry team. Not sure about the exact number