Hopeful About Federal Funding, Worried About Federal Regulations


It is too early to even venture a guess as to how this administration will approach innovation.

I’m hopeful for continued federal research funding (NIH, NSF, DOE, etc) which is the core of U.S. superiority in innovation. Other than dealing with the financial crisis and recession, I’m concerned about increased regulation, trade restrictions, and healthcare policy overhaul. All of that could negatively impact innovation.

Mr. Obama has many opportunities to “change” policy that would make innovation even stronger in America and I hope that he will seek ways to do that.

Duane J. Roth was Chief Executive Officer and board member of CONNECT, the San Diego nonprofit organization that fosters entrepreneurship by catalyzing, accelerating, and supporting technology and life sciences innovation. He founded Alliance Pharmaceutical, and was a longtime life sciences industry executive. Follow @

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