TelCentris Unlox Product Box with VoxOx

Updated Nov. 5, 4 pm PST: See below for details on funding

TelCentris, a new San Diego company, says it has released a beta version of its free consumer service called VoxOx, which combines Voice-over-Internet telephony and other types of communications into a single screen on a computer desktop. The company says its universal communicator service is the first in a coming generation of consumer software products that combine voice, video, instant messaging, text, e-mail, fax, and social networks into a single screen on a desktop.

While competitors such as Skype offer VoIP and rival Digsby aggregates messaging, social networking and e-mail onto a single screen, the company says that VoxOx combines all these features into a single product—with an iPhone-like graphical user interface. The name VoxOx is a play on “voice over X,” meaning the system can send voice over any type of network.

TelCentris says it has targeted communications-overloaded GenXers and “Millenials,” those born between 1980 and 2000. That’s a different tack than rivals that have been trying to get corporate customers to commit to their hardware and software for Voice-over-Internet telephony. It might be an easier sell, but Voice-over-Internet telephony is rapidly becoming a commodity, meaning the competition is getting fiercer and players are looking for ways to break out of the pack.

TelCentris was founded by CEO Bryan Hertz, his brother, Kevin, who is chief technical officer, and father Bob, chief information officer. The CFO is Michael Faught, who has 25 years experience in finance, management, and technology commercialization, according to the company’s Web site.

A spokeswoman for TelCentris says the founders bankrolled the company themselves, with some additional angel investment. She added that TelCentris has been generating revenue by powering small telephone companies with its Unified Communications Service Delivery Platform, as well as providing Hosted PBX service to dozens of small-to-medium businesses.

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