Tech Coast Angels Funds Startup Developing Ultra-Low Power Wireless Video

San Diego-based MicroPower Appliance has received an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from Tech Coast Angels to help support its development of a battery-powered, Wi-Fi video camera. According to Mike Elconin, the San Diego network president of Tech Coast Angels, ultra-low powered, wireless video cameras have a number of potential applications, with Internet-based video home security systems at the top of the list.

Elconin confirmed the Tech Coast Angels’ investment, which was reported this morning by, saying that a video-monitoring system that doesn’t have to be hard-wired is an area with huge potential. MicroPower Appliance has developed an innovative way of cycling energy to the camera, reducing its power consumption to less than 10 milliwatts, about one five-hundredth that of other wireless security cameras.

Compared to other systems currently on the market, the technology should also decrease costs of installation (no hard-wiring required), eliminate the need for huge battery packs, and allow the camera to remain charged for up to a year. Other potential uses include military applications, commercial security networks, and even helmet cameras for skateboarders and snowboarders.

Tech Coast Angels is the primary investor so far; Elconin says that the company is continuing to raise money now that the initial funding round has ended.

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