Join Xconomy as We Bring Back the NY Biotech Expats on June 21

Xconomy New York — 

Here’s a question posed time and again by the those toiling away to build up New York’s biotech scene: What if we could just bring back the biopharma veterans who grew up here?

You can call them the New York expats. They started out in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, but like many others before them, they rose to biopharma prominence only after leaving New York for other, more established hubs like Boston or San Francisco. And they’re seen as a key, missing ingredient to the area’s ambitions to nurture and grow its biotech sector—if only they could be drawn back to lead some New York startups.

Xconomy is going to tap into this issue. We’ve brought together a few biopharma leaders who are ex-New Yorkers—among them Decibel Therapeutics CEO Steve Holtzman and Flagship Pioneering executive partner David Epstein—to lead a unique, candid discussion with the local biotech community. We’re calling the event “Bringing Back the expats,” and it will take place on June 21 at the Alexandria Center for Life Science. You can grab your tickets here.

Why did they leave New York? What do they see of their former home from afar? And what would entice them, and others like them, to take a shot on a New York company? Hope to see you at the Alexandria Center on June 21 as we dive into these questions and more at a special event you won’t want to miss.