Gilt Groupe & Glam Squad’s Wilson Zeroes In On Your Closet With Fitz

Xconomy New York — 

Fitz wants to get in the closet with you.

The New York-based company will send stylists to your clothes closet, help analyze what you wear and why, and reorganize the clothing and accessories that make the cut.

“It’s really kind of cathartic,” says Fitz co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. “We help clients manage their wardrobes and maximize the space and efficiency of their closets.”

Fitz—the name is a play on “fits,” as in what best fits in your closet or on your body—works like this: two stylists are sent to a home for a three-hour makeover for $400. (The service is only available in the New York area.) The women come to a home armed with racks and other organizing tools and begin an assessment of the closet as well as the customer’s style goals. They ask customers questions like, “when was the last time you wore this?” or “why haven’t you worn this recently?”

“The average consumer wears about 20 percent of their wardrobe and the number one reason why they don’t wear something is weight gain,” Wilson says.

Fitz differentiates itself from traditional stylist services, which typically take place in stores, by offering advice at home in context with a person’s existing wardrobe, Wilson says. The company also provides the nuts and bolts of professional organizing. The whole process can get very personal, Wilson says, so stylists are trained to be aware of an individual’s sensitivities. “Going into other people’s homes is very intimate,” she says. “People are not used to having other people in there and there’s a lot of storytelling that can come out in people’s closets: pieces that bring happy memories, sad memories. Insecurities come out.”

In addition to the fees paid by customers, Fitz makes money through partnerships with other retail businesses. After all, … Next Page »

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