NYC’s Disruptive Biotech Startups take the Stage on March 29

Xconomy New York — 

There’s something going on in New York biotech.

The Big Apple has long been an afterthought in life sciences. Glitzy new biotech startups form seemingly every week in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, not New York with its sky high rents and lack of lab space.

But for a multitude of reasons, things have started to change. A handful of ambitious biotech startups have recently emerged in Manhattan, aiming to start a trend by growing and staying in the big city. They’re built around the work of some of the city’s high-profile research institutions, like Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medical College. They’ve got large investment syndicates. And they’ve raised the type of cash that is typically reserved for companies regularly churned out of MIT or UCSF.

These startups, and the early stage investors behind them, are the stars of our latest life sciences event, “New York Life Science Disruptors,” at the Apella Event Space at the Alexandria Center for Life Science on March 29.

Who are these entrepreneurs and investors? How are they building locally, despite the challenges that have held back New York biotech in the past? And how do they plan to help fulfill the city’s promise as a potential life sciences leader?

Join Xconomy as we bring the New York biotech community together with local innovators and investors for a series of candid, interactive discussions about the city’s life sciences present and future.

Here are some of the speakers you can expect to hear from:

Lewis Cantley: Director, Meyer Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College; Co-founder, Petra Pharma

Charles Zuker: Professor, Columbia University Medical Center; Co-founder, Kallyope

David Schubert: COO, Accelerator Corp.

Nancy Thornberry: CEO, Kallyope

Adam Goulburn: Partner, Lux Capital

Doug Cole: Managing Partner, Flagship Ventures

You can register for tickets here, and grab a discount if you sign up by Feb. 2. Hope to see you all at the Alexandria Center on March 29.