With $21M More Funding, AnyClip Media Reopens New York Office

Israel’s AnyClip Media announced Tuesday it has raised $21 million and is reestablishing its New York office. The company has developed an online marketing platform for distributing branded videos.

This is the same company co-founded by CEO Aaron Cohen and Nate Westheimer, former executive director of the New York Tech Meetup. Both Cohen and Westheimer left the company in 2010, and AnyClip went through a significant pivot from being a place to discover clips from any movie, said a company spokesperson, to eventually become a business-to-business ad-tech platform under current CEO Oren Nauman.

The new funding, AnyClip said, came from investors that include Ervington Investments, Limelight Networks, GTI, and Jerusalem Venture Partners.

AnyClip’s software lets advertisers and publishers target audiences with video content at more than 200,000 websites. This includes movie trailers and other video clips from Hollywood studios.

The funding will go toward reopening offices in New York, new hires, and increasing the company’s presence in the U.S., a spokesperson said. AnyClip Media did not reveal yet who would head the New York office.

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